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April 30, 2010

Frame card & Mitering

I wanted to make a Frame card or shadowbox out of paper and of course I wanted to use the Gypsy. The challenge in making this card is the Miter. It took a couple of cuts and also back to geometry lessons ha ha. But I got it. The inside card is not great. But never mind that it's the outside frame which matters. I have hurriedly glued it on as I had other projects to do but wanted to get it on here before I leave and for next couple of days you will be amazed by my designer's designs and I did not want to interrupt to post this.
If you have been following me I advice you to download this file , study and try on your own.
This is the card -not much on the inside I agree.
I just cut the 1st page with cream colored cardstocks - placed one on the left side and one on the right side.  I used the right side half of 12 x 24 mat (ie the 2nd 12 x 12 sheet) pieces to cuttlebug and ink. If you do not want to cuttlebug you can delete that half. I just wanted to emboss and it needed to be small enough to pass through the cuttlebug.
 The pink/mauve card (which opens for a sentiment ) is from page  2 of the file.
I just stamped a black piece of card with a hero's stamp which I got from archiver's using acrylic paint and stuck in onto the mauve card. (I have not given cut for that as you can decorate the card anyway you like)

This is the 1st page of the file

The right side in the 12 x 24 is the part which is optional.(as I said I loaded 2 sheets of 12 x 12 - both cream color)
 I just put it on so that I can cuttlebug and ink and attach to the frame. That's why the frame seems to have been embossed and brown.
It's difficult embossing 12 x 12 paper so I chose to make this option. You can always cut only the left portion.

But as I said that's immaterial
What I want you all to note and do is this

I have zoomed to show How I got the miter. Miter is nothing but an angle of 45°.
(Ha Ha - If you want to see how I got the degree sign - see my character mapping post)
To do that I just unlinked the width and height of the triangle

and eyeballed it so that the sides are the same. Since i could not have a right angled triangle I chose the triangle , Ignored one half as If I weld a rectangle (which I had to do anyway) then I just have to concentrate on half and make sure that the height side and the other side (half of the side actually so I positioned it in the square in such a way that it was easier to eyeball  and then made sure I got the sides equal so that the angle can be 45°.
Perfect miter and the card turned out ok I have not tried resizing this. So don't try that first lol.

So don't be afraid to play with your Gypsy. George and GW (mine is wonky so I don't try - hate that) and even don juan and plantin have some basic shapes. Try something of your own. See a template and try your hand at designing.. Don't just box yourself with cartridge images. It's not bad at all to use the images. But suppose you want a particular effect  - then to create that you should know how. So how do we know how? By playing.. Ha ha even animals play as that's the way they learn and sharpen their skills. So we have to play with our Gypsy (or CDS) too don't we?..
Am I hearing noo????
well I say ... yess........  :)

While commenting don't you all dare use that /blur emoticon - ha ha

April 29, 2010

Gypsy Tip - To get a image larger than the mat size

- yep even than 12 x 24 inch mat. With the latest updates (ie after 0155)  if you have the default cursor on ie 1 inch and then add the image and try increasing it will stop when the width or height touches the mat sides.You can move the image off the mat but will not increase beyond.
A way to get larger image is to initially set the cursor at a very high value and add the image. Then the image will be large. You can then decrease to the size you want. Note once you decrease you cannot increase. To increase you will have to start over again

Video - Episode 22 - Cricut Cake

Thought I would do the Cake video as promised to Mercy. Mercy you have to wait a while for Cinch though lol

Gypsy Tips - Update your firmware, gypsy and your CDS

As soon as you receive your G and you register -
Link George lol as somehow there is always problem linking this cartridge maybe because actual George is loaded on your machine... well don't know
 update your gypsy as it will most probably (atleast till now it is always in) be in version 0091. Update by running G sync ie  switch on G and when in application launcher screen connect to the computer and run G sync (with admin privileges of course). Try to be in application launcher screen for if you are on the mat and doing something else the updates do not take effect sometimes.
Also update preferably on Provocrafts working hours lol
Next if you have a paid CDS update your CDS. It's version should be 1.0.31101.0.
Very important that you check for this. Pressing check for updates in CDS will say there is no updates but well. there is.... So check (it comes during startup and also you can check in help) and update.
Only when CDS is in this version will the G and CDS be able to "talk"to each other
Next update your cricut firmware (or cake firmware or create or baby bug) preferably with your CDS if possible. If doing with G connect to ac power and stay there and keep coaxing the screen . Do not leave and go anywhere when using G anytime...lol
Then play before you link and take linking in small bites....

Guest Designer: Joy - Elegant Matchbox from TBBM

This is Joy from Obsessed with Scrapbooking and Everyday Cricut and today's gift packaging idea is the matchbox cut from the Tags, Bags, Boxes and More Cartridge. This matchbox is the perfect size for a gift card! It just dresses up and makes that gift card a little more special.

Now, this matchbox was made by cutting the matchbox 1 on page 123 of the handbook at 6". This cut makes the outer wrapper. Next, you cut matchbox 2 on page 124 at 6". This cut makes the inner box. There are also options to have a clear window on the outer wrapper which you could cover with acetate that has been stamped with Staz-on - that would be a cool look. I used Core'dinations paper since it is so wonderful and strong!

The top pieces and paper are all from Anna Griffin's Isabelle Line.

To attach a ribbon pull, I punched a hole through my felt ribbon and the box itself and then threaded a large red brad through it. Brad was by Basic Grey. Ribbon is from Papertrey Ink.

A word about the outer wrapper - it's a snug fit. You can rest assured that this matchbox isn't going to suddenly open up and dump out its contents. Altering the size you cut things at significantly changes the way the box works so I don't recommend that. Using my Gypsy, I laid out both parts of the box so I could cut everything once on a 12x24 mat. That helped save time!

Overall, the box was quite easy to make once I figured out that I needed to cut matchbox one for the outer wrapper and matchbox two for the box itself. I use some Georgia Pacific cardstock I got at Walmart to do test cuts and that really helps to cut down on wasting "good" paper. I highly recommend you get some - it's 150 sheets for less than $6 and is in the office supply aisle.

April 28, 2010

Gypsy EULA

We all have been asking for this from day one and at last here it is - End Users Licence Agreement
Well many of us have been "bugging" them haven't we - ha ha
Anyway here  is the much awaited link

The designer's will be announced tomorrow so do drop by tomorrow. I am excited - are you?

Thank you Designer's

I have all the designer's now. Hooray  Eye Candy time for all my followers.
So start playing with either the G or CDS as it is almost interchangeble what with the new update news which has been in the wind. So I am not strictly stressing on the G anymore though it would be nice to have that and my designer's can use either the G or CDS . I always use the G but take screenshots from CDS as I don't need to hunt the camera take a pic and all the rigmarole.
I will announce the designer tomorrow.
Since this is a personal blog I do no stress that my designer's have the project ready on the scheduled date. Though I would love to see their project on that day, if life catches up with you sometimes we can always design the next time. Hope you all feel that way too and are not too disappointed when that happens. So see you tomorrow with the announcement.
Keep fiddling with the G. Don't push too hard on any buttons or ports though :). Gentle. G  needs to be handled like a lady even though she behaves  cranky sometimes

Designer spot

I have 1 or 2 more spot open for designer. If you are interested (note only requirement is that you are a follower, MB member  - ha ha,  you have a Gypsy , ) please G mail me.
Also one important requirement -  Designing for  sharing and not charging for your files. You can sell other products etc - no problem. But the file you share here and the posts should be free sharing and not commercial.
Come on girls and gals I expected the spots to be filled by now. What's keeping you?

April 27, 2010

Thank you Kam1 & Moments card

What a sweet girl she is. All I did was just post the Straight From the Nest Cartridge as it wasn't available in UK and she sent me this sweet card and a quilted notebook cover with notebook inside. Thank you sweetheart. As I said in life we find friends while taking unexpected paths. One such path was the gypsy and so many precious friends it has brought me. I have never seen some of your faces and don't even know your names but for the Mb names but your hearts shine through and has touched me - to name some -Beth, Mercy, Mya, Sheila, Scrappin'Gadget'Girl, Kam1, Nicolesmith, Flowerdisco, oohsnapp, cissA, cherB, Thunderblindy, sweetsassydiva,  cindeymcvey , fairydust  to name just a few and also my idols as well - Robyn , Tammy, Melanie, Joy  who did not even hesitate when I asked if they could make a project for my blog.
Some of them have become my best friends.- Four especially - Mercy Mya , Sassy and Patty. Each dear to me in their own special way. Mercy shares a brain with me. Mya is such a sweetheart and finds time for me even with her busy schedule. And Sassy  - oh my sassy. Nowadays I do not know where I end and where she begins. A day without sassy fix... well that is a not a day.
 Here is the picture of the card and the quilted bookcover by this sweet new friend

Isn't that so pretty? Thank you dear.
I thought this moment was the right time to share a card I made for the swap held by fairydust
I was inspired by the gold leaf in India which is a popular gift. File is there under gypsy files if you are interested. Cartridge is just GW . No envelope as it can fit in standard envelope. The leaf is glue foil - gold and is cuttlebugged. The butterfly is layered with cardstock and vellum and cuttlebugged too. I doodled on the clear acetate with gold foil pen.

Money Holder Card

Hi, it’s Wini from LooneyBugDesigns – also known as poohbearbaby on the Cricut Message Board.

I am so honored to be your guest designer today. Honestly it was kind of intimidating when I saw who the other designers were this month (talk about MAJOR TALENT) – but I figured we all have our own styles and I might just be able inspire someone out there. My style is fairly simple and my project today is no exception.

I wanted to make a card that was simple and easy to reproduce and since graduation is fast approaching I decided to make a money holder card. I love that this basic design can be used for any occasion (just change your color scheme) and can be decorated simply – as I have done today – or more elaborate to fit your own personal style.

I also decided to step out of my comfort zone and make a video of my card. This is my first “official” video and I have decided I hate my voice but it is what it is and I can’t change it – LOL! I know it isn’t the best video out there but it is a big step for me. I hope you enjoy it!

My project today features Tags, Bags, Boxes and More Cricut Cartridge and Plantin Schoolbook Cricut Cartridge.

My video is in 3 parts - guess I need to learn how to speed these up - but it isn't so bad for my first attemt.  If anyone wants offer any advice or tips - I would be more then happy hear them!

Here is the finished card and a close up of the flower and the "Bling" from the Spica Marker - LOVE THIS!

April 26, 2010

That was a lovely bag by Sassy wasn't it?

What a Happy Mom she will be , getting that bag. The card and the bag will be more precious than the gift inside.
So we saw how Plantin is very useful cartridge to have. Especially the scallop is a fine handy tool in creating borders as intricate imaged cartridges like Mother's day, love struck etc tend to freeze up the G when you add a border on some lacelike images. Ie if you want a the design to have a scallop edge usually you add circles but in the G with the present few updates even a single weld repeated over more than 10 times have trouble. In such cases you can use this scallped border instead. Remember a wise way with G is always to preview and check. It will give you an idea of how long it will take before cutting too.
What's going on in my life. I was busy today. I thought of making something for tomorrow but it has to take a back seat as this week I have to finish reading my classes and also take care of some home stuff before I leave.
Here are a couple of shots I took these two days for my photography class. Click on them to see them a little bigger. This week we had to continue manual and focus but then move the focal point for better composition.
I had a bright idea of doing this. Had to keep moving to avoid getting bitten. My son knocked an anthill and I loved the way they wanted to protect their eggs. So I grabbed my camera. Unless you click all you will see is brown lol

These ones are the not crazy shots

Mothers Day Gift Bag & Matching Card All From Plantin SchoolBook!

Good Morning Everyone! Sheila here from ShesASassyLady.blogspot.com and I am so excited that my friend Pam invited me to be a guest designer. The hard part is I am following the heavy hitters like Tammy and Joy... so be kind. I hope you love this project as much as I do. With Mothers day just around the corner I decided to make a gift bag and matching card. But I love the clear bag look thanks to Cher when she did her Easter bags for Tuesday Treats in February. Pam has asked me to design from Plantin Schoolbook and I challenged myself to use only that cart! As you can see the lines are simple, Plantin is a wonderful cart. I did the bag as is and used the scalloped edging for my corners to hide the adhesive and keep it sturdy.

After cutting I paid close attention to the score marks and scored the entire bag using my score pal.
I used the bone folder to provide nice clean edges as you can see.
I used the tacky red tape to adhere the side and bottom together.
I used a box on the inside to push the glued edge down to make sure it was secure.
I turned out great! And I almost left it plain as I used the gold glitter toulle inside instead of tissue paper and it looks beautiful as is, but I wanted more. So I used the scalloped edging.
I made sure the pieces were scored and had a clean edge. I then ran the pieces through the Zyron and placed on the bag.
Again I used the box in the inside to be able to apply pressure and a secure fit.
The gift! Isn't it beautiful? I placed it in a little gold box so all you see is gold when you look at the bag. Shhh, don't tell my mother, she loves jewelry.
I found this little charm and attatched that to the front of the bag.
Now lets make the card.... also clear. I loved using a tranceparancy.
Very simple, again score fold and red tape for the envelope.
This is the white paper to write your note to your mother. I am running it through the Zyron in this photo as I want you to see how easy and clean it looks on the sheet.
Look at this isn't it great you don't see adhesive at all as the coverage is perfect and all over clear.
I used the scraps from the glitter paper for Mother (Plantin again welded together). Altogether a 6x12 sheet of glitter paper, scrap of white and 2 transparancy sheet and a flower is all I used. The file I will give you does have flowers and leaves to make your own but I ran into a time problem and used a beautiful prima on my bag.
Again I ran the word Mother through the Zyron so it would be even and look good and I wouldn't have to back.
Now isn't that pretty?

You can give like this... with the card on the outside.
I prefered the charm on the front and the card on the inside back.
Like this...

Now doesn't this make a lovely Mother's Day Gift? Thank you Pam for inviting me to be a guest designer today.... maybe someday you will invite me back.
I hope you all enjoyed todays project. To get your copy of this file just head over to ShesASassyLady.blogspot.com.
MyFreeCopyright.com Registered & Protected
Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement. I cherish your comments and they inspire me.

April 25, 2010

Plantin projects

Hello Everyone,
My day yesterday went on as usual. I baked a cake and then we left to eat for lunch and we were all so stuffed that all we could do when we came back was coi somewhere like a python. Could not move and we all took a long nap. Then watched a movie at home.
Well hope you are all playing with your Plantin. These designers were so inspiring weren't they?We still have Sassylady on Monday. Do send me your projects. It need not be done just this week nor should it be done witha G. I ask only my designer's to have G. Bu please send in the cartridge of the month. which is for this month Plantin..
I received a beautiful project today from Scrapfaire (no - I usually do not use their name unless it is well known)  . Here is the url link - http://scrapfaire.blogspot.com/2010/04/monkey-baldinger.html.
Do visit her blog and leave her some love.
Keep sending those projects in

April 24, 2010

Anniversary & so Cake 2

Hello! Did you all enjoy Joy's card. It was sew sweet wasn't it? Such a sweeties these all are. They sent traffic this way and would you believe that my number of followers have gone up this week. I better start behaving from now on.. :). Naaa...the zebra can't get rid of it's stripes.. .
So are you enjoying Plantin and playing along? We have Sassy on Monday . If any of you have done any projects using Plantin please send me the url link or email me the post and I will put that in.
My day went on quite well. Today is our wedding anniversary and not one piece of the cake I baked survived. Kids ate almost everything in the 2 days. We had just one tiny piece each. So of course I had to try more right? ... :). But no way was I going to buy the frosting - way to expensive so for the first time in my life tried making buttercream frosting. It came slightly yellow but it turned out quite good. I even colored some filling and put it in a cone. Last time I used the ready made tube . Wow I like this. Now if only I can get the icing white in color, I like home made. This way I could make crumb coating and then another. I also colored the fondant  (would you believe until 2 weeks back I did not even know what this word meant? - ha ha). Now I know names like tylose, fondant , gum paste,  etc etc.
Hubby wanted blue - So my cake is pink and blue - boy and girl - pink and blue. Lovely..
So here are my pics. Note the icing is much better today and I even combed it - ha ha

Given sufficient time - I could have done even better but hubby was in a hurry to go out as he was hungry. So a quick piping

This time I was more sane with pearls and my flowers are also better - yeah !! home made icing in my own cone (whatever that plastic thingy is called). Close up

And now for the cricut cut from Gypsy wanderings. Note that this time I tried going a little bit intricate cut. I should have allowed it to set a little before cutting but as I said I was in a rush. Ok couple of things I must mention as i am cutting with the Gypsy - I update the firmware - 1 part update was all it required.
Then this blade is strange and does not have changeable blade depth at all - just one setting.. Also This blade does not go in the expression as it is wide but expression's does fit in here.
Speed low as always with the G - and surprisingly as mentioned before - speed is much better with Cake than with E. Pressure medium and it cut fine.

I have saved all pieced and reused the bits too

So that's my cake 2 experience. I have lots of frosting left which will go on cupcakes.No more cakes.
Kids love me - hubby hates me (expense wise and effect of sugar wise).. So I better keep it low fr a while and bake cookies yet. So am I keeping the cricut cake?   Oh Yes!!! I am. Go and check out the cricut cake MB and see what all can be done. Time to link the cartridges and register.... Oh I did do a short video which I will see after loading and editing and maybe put it up..
Remember do send the Plantin projects in... and I have just 2 more spots for designer's left . So if you  want to showcase your projects and your blog here is that opportunity.. No experience necessary. You should have a Gypsy though and should be a follower and a MB member..