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April 4, 2010

Gypsy Tips: To find out which cartridge an image is from

I do already have a post on this before but revisiting it again with pictures. This was asked again on the MB so lets see what can be done when we are on this update ie until this present update 0169/0170
We can check the cartridge in use by tapping on the cartridge window (lower white box in the keypad overlay)

and then selecting Cartridge In Use from the  dropdown menu.

 Sometimes these changes are reflected only when you save the file and maybe closing and opening it again. I said G is cranky before didn't I. each one has a mind of it's own.
But if you want to know where a particular cartridge comes from then select the image on the mat till is blue (if there is a group then many images will be selected and that's ok) .

Go to the keypad overlay - the image will be visible on the image queue - ie top white box and hold the stylus on the image you want to find out details about. the cartridge name will pop up in a white box below.

You can let go and the button ie cartridge name will remain.

If you still want to know which creative feature it is from and if you have selected shift lock etc - yes you can do that too. just tap on the  cartridge name pop up button

and it will take you to the cartridge's keypad layout which you chose ie with shift lock in red in case you have chosen that and the creative feature you chose in red.

It will not pinpoint the image like in CDS or even when you do keyword search in G - you have to look through the 50 image buttons to see and in this case above it is the 46th button which is easy enough to browse & better than not knowing  or searching or sorting through all the creative features right?


Dakota Bear said...

I love all your tips and suggestions, keep them coming. :)

flowerdisco said...

I did not know about the feature info. You see what I have to visit you almost daily????? I learn so much from you, TFS!

TR said...

I sure could have used that last week, huh!!!? :p

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to post and say thanks for sharing. I love learning new tricks and tips and I look forward to your posts. :)

Sentimental Scrapper said...

Thanks for the cool tip!

kerrbear said...

This was very helpful. I have tried a couple peoples gypsy files and after waiting and waiting found out I didn't own the cartridge. Now I can check first!! Thank you so much!!

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.