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April 6, 2010


is the topic for this week's challenge at G MB and was suggested by a member Deanna. Lots of people thought it was too tough . But it is not. The challenge was use 2 group of images one kerned double the other and the kerning should be positive.
So here is the basics of kerning which I also put up in the board
Kern is the distance between two images from a kerning centerpoint. Note I said kern centerpoint which need not be the actual centepoint. In the G kern is the button KE on the advance menu. When you type a positive value you are making sure that there is that distance between each one so the letters moves away (note if it greater than the default value) . But when the kern value is negative you are pulling the images together
Here is a diagram which explains "Kern". Feel free to click on a picture to see it a little bigger

Pulling together is good for welding as we need it for overlapping while welding. But positives also have some uses for eg cutting vinyl for a wall and you want to transfer them but you want them spaced a bt more than the default. Lots of uses when you think of it actually.
 I will be using example from CDS as it is easier to cut and paste on my computer but it is same in G too and in fact easier because of grouping.
Here is an eg of positive and negative kern.

An eg of the challenge
ie group 1 kerned x times then group 2 kerned 2x times

ha ha . So how do you know in the above image it is kerned for we can move the images  physically apart after cutting and just put them there can't we?
so one way to shw you actually have kerned in this challenge is to place them in another shape ie take portions of the positive out like below and mat it on say a contrasting  paper. ie here the scalloped shape on the right

I have made a card below. Note how we can play with the distance and show our emotions like how the word FUN can be far apart to show how we like the fun time to last long but the word Time can be spaced near to show that even though we want it to last long these  Times  always seem short.
Well I could have done a better job but this was done in a hurry to just show and example

And one of our MB members - LoriApgaar had this idea - to kern and then weld outside a shape. That works fantastic too. Here is an example.

So hope you try out these methods. Not only are they good to learn but essential skills. Come join us in the challenge thread in the MB. I know that you cannot always participate all the time but trying it out and even seeing others projects does inspire us and grows our limit boundaries - note I said grows. Yes! doing these things stretches us and that limit boundary which we put around ourselves expands.


flowerdisco said...

I never tried kerning...I do understand it better now but with so many other features, is something I will have to try maybe o n e d a y ')


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Great directions.... still thinking of what to do.

TR said...

O MY WORD......

Guess I need to head to the MB.

This just about twisted my brain into
a pretzel!

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.