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April 22, 2010

My first cake

Are you all enjoying Beth's design. Tomorrow is Joy's turn. So tune in.
Just wanted to share this

We are not big cake eaters  and neither am I a baker. All I have baked are some vegetable puffs and Indian potato filled buns and to date - baked eggless brownies - 5 times and cakes - 7 times where 3 were from the box , 2 were fruit cakes and 2 times eggless white cakes from condensed milk. So what am I doing with a cake machine. Guess I hit my head somewhere lol.
Well anyway here is my first attempt. Surprisingly many people were having problems but my cut came out good
How good I am - ha ha - see for yourself
went shopping and only materials available as no  cake shops nearby and online orders yet to come and will easily take a week. . So got the wilton materials at joanns and micheals (coupon from joann applied at micheals - saved me tons on tools.
My stash

So baked a cake - which was not good. My own recipe would have been much better. This had overdried and was crumbly and not moist. But so what - first attempt so persevered. I purchased icing making note not to get the whipped variety. Then thinking gum paste would be better I put it in bread machine. Here is where i should either get glasses or get an award for brainiac - lol- I read 1/4 cup as 1 and 1/4 cup and added that and was staring and wondering how come it is not solidifying.
So there went my gum paste idea.
Ok then comes fondant. Thankfully I had the rolled fondant - so I took it out kneaded it a bit. It felt dry so dipped my hands in a little bit of crisco and kneaded it.  I had the brilliant idea of kneading in some of the excess waste gum paste liquidy goo into the fondant. I will bottle the rest to apply over the fondant. See either eat your mistake or make something else out of it. Then  put a towel below the plastic mat and placed the fondant and rolled. The towel gives a little bit of give. This is how we roll chapathi's our Indian bread. so rolled. I did not want to cover the cake with that.and did not care if the icing on the cake would have much to be desired as I just wanted to test the cuts. After maybe taking a cake class I will bother about all this. Covering the icing over the cake as best as I can to cover up the grand canyon rift which had apeared in the cake - ha ha was tricky but I cemented it on.
Then I applied shortening on the cake mat and wiped excess with a towel and placed the fondant over the mat.. It sat while I updated the cake firmware with my G and then I cut the white fondant out. Note I will not start cutting intricate images just yet. This image is 3 inch in height and I used the G to cut. Surprisingly the G is slower with the cake and did not zoom.

A flower

Just the fondant to show you that it is not ultra thin. But just like we would brayer the paper on to the mat I did smooth out the fondant onto the mat with viva towel.

Ok - now what. I got good cuts but I wanted color so I just took a brush and even though this is not the way to do it. I brushed it on the fondant after diluting it a bit with the sticky gum paste mess.
Ha ha.

Then I tried my hand at piping. I had the icing in a tube and no clue as to which shape does what so I just had fun.My son joined in and he did some and I did some. Just for the heck of it added some edible pearls. You know how I like pearls so why should I spare the cake any. So blingified the cake a bit..We sure did have fun. here is the nightmarish cake - lol

Well end result
Cricut cake - cuts good
Cake itself - well... I need a cake lesson pronto - both in baking, setting the oven , icing etc etc. But it was fun


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Too funny, I always make the box cakes.... they are plenty moist. Great job on your first cake... How did the family like it? I bet they loved it!

Anonymous said...

You did good! We are going to try decorating our first cut in a bit but you tried piping! lol It worked out well.


flowerdisco said...

i am not a baker either so do not feel bad. the cuts came out clean and the cake is really pretty.

A Happy Anniversary is in order! I hope you guys enjoyed the day!

Scrapfaire said...

I don't think it's nightmarish, but super THANKS for sharing a project you weren't crazy about!!!

Marty said...

I think for no cake basic training your cake is great. I've decorated cakes for over 30 years and would love the chance to use a CC and play with all the ideas that keep coming to mind.It seems like there are going to be almost no limits as to what could be done with this.

TraciVee said...

Funny story, Pam! Thanks for sharing your endeavor with us...it made me smile :)

Dakota Bear said...

This is so funny! I'm sitting here having a good laugh. The cake looks beautiful. Waiting to see your next try.

Denine said...

I am still laughing over the gum paste... I think you did great...
My first experiment with the Cricut Expression looked much like your cake.. hehehe.
Thanks for sharing.

Oh.. did I see correctly that Micheals is accepting Joann coupons?

Audrey Frelx said...

I love your story, thanks for the giggle!!! I think you did a great job on your cake -- a lot better than I would have (if it would have lasted long enough to decorate in my household -- LOL!)

Angji said...

Thanks for being brave and going where few of us are daring to go! Myself included. I will stick with my famous cookies and enjoy all the cake decorating around me. :)

Kim. said...

Well your story gave me a laugh and the cake looks far better than if I had of made it!! I think these are great first cuts compared to some others I have seen.
Kim xXx

Anonymous said...



SweetSassyDiva said...

congrautulations! i didn't know you took the plunge :)

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.