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April 17, 2010

Photography class - Manual

This week the lesson was Manual mode - yep the dreaded manual mode and I had to do that with my new camera. It was a hoot. Gosh I don't even know the auto settings in this one and I have to do manual??!!****.
My head hurts and so does my hand ha ha as this is what I chose to shoot. Do click on it to see it up close as the colors are more vibrant and you can even see the spiderweb :)

I also was experimenting and learning so I  did this. This is a study of how the exposure changes in manual mode if you do not have the settings right. Just right is the 1st one, then comes the underexposed and then the overexposed.

 I have lots of tool to master don't I and some not even out of the box yet!! Ha ha


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

I just got in after a long day and find these amazing photos on your blog.... My new camera has AUTO on it, thank you and thats where I leave it!!! I have a ton of respect for those who venture out of the Auto mode! Great Photos. I should have had you with today taking photos!

Dakota Bear said...

I need to get into the manual function of my Canon, I've had it for two years and rarely use it, since I came across the Pentax Optio M50.

I really like the results you got taking the photo of the cactus. Keep it up.

Cheryl Boglioli said...

I am so jealous. Your photos are amazing. So, will you share what photography class you're taking? Is it an online class or in person? I would absolutely LOVE to take a really good online photography class. Please be careful with cacti! :-)

papillon digital design said...

:) Cher - no secret sweetie. It's at Jessica Sprague. She has awesome lessons on photoshop digi scrapbooking . We get tons of freebies where we can create our own pages following her lessons.
She has a photography class by Candice Stringham which get filled up pretty fast. Mya suggested way back and I love them so much that I like to take every class there is even if I know the subject lol. Addicting.. But as for camera - I could certainly use the lessons

Magoo said...

WAY TO GO PAM!!! *insert clapping here_*

I did the same thing when I went to manual mode..I took about 40 pictures on my metal water pipe testing out each f stop and aperture....it was great to line them all up and see the differences...

I'm so happy you finally got your camera out of the box!!! Too bad you didn't live closer as we could go hiking and look for great photo ops!

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