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April 27, 2010

Thank you Kam1 & Moments card

What a sweet girl she is. All I did was just post the Straight From the Nest Cartridge as it wasn't available in UK and she sent me this sweet card and a quilted notebook cover with notebook inside. Thank you sweetheart. As I said in life we find friends while taking unexpected paths. One such path was the gypsy and so many precious friends it has brought me. I have never seen some of your faces and don't even know your names but for the Mb names but your hearts shine through and has touched me - to name some -Beth, Mercy, Mya, Sheila, Scrappin'Gadget'Girl, Kam1, Nicolesmith, Flowerdisco, oohsnapp, cissA, cherB, Thunderblindy, sweetsassydiva,  cindeymcvey , fairydust  to name just a few and also my idols as well - Robyn , Tammy, Melanie, Joy  who did not even hesitate when I asked if they could make a project for my blog.
Some of them have become my best friends.- Four especially - Mercy Mya , Sassy and Patty. Each dear to me in their own special way. Mercy shares a brain with me. Mya is such a sweetheart and finds time for me even with her busy schedule. And Sassy  - oh my sassy. Nowadays I do not know where I end and where she begins. A day without sassy fix... well that is a not a day.
 Here is the picture of the card and the quilted bookcover by this sweet new friend

Isn't that so pretty? Thank you dear.
I thought this moment was the right time to share a card I made for the swap held by fairydust
I was inspired by the gold leaf in India which is a popular gift. File is there under gypsy files if you are interested. Cartridge is just GW . No envelope as it can fit in standard envelope. The leaf is glue foil - gold and is cuttlebugged. The butterfly is layered with cardstock and vellum and cuttlebugged too. I doodled on the clear acetate with gold foil pen.


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Beautiful - Beautiful Card that your know I will scraplift! i just love it! Thanks for sharing.

Dakota Bear said...

Another interesting card! You give us a lot of inspiration. Thank you!

flowerdisco said...

Pam...a lot of good things happen to a lot of good people and you have been there for us every single time. As you mentioned Mercy and Sassy and Mya no need to mention them again but I guess I just did too :)
I do enjoy your work and I love your knowledge but most of all I really enjoy having you as a friend and knowing if we ever met we will have a good time because I love your humor too.

BTW, your card is gorgeous...love that leaf too...I have it with the cricut now but before I used a punch. Goota get my vellum out for these butterflies. Too much to do too little time :(

Hugs my dear!

Audrey Frelx said...

That is really a beautiful card!!! It was very swett of her, and it says a lot about you too!

Don't forget to pick up your award for the Contributors Showcase and thanks so much again for entering.


Tammy said...

Awww... thanks Pam! Very well said and I agree 100%! I cherish my cyber-crafty-friends so much and am so happy to include you in that circle!


Karen said...

What a gorgeous card. I love the butterfly done with paper and vellum!

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.