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May 18, 2010

Before leaving - Cake 3

I had to finish all the cake supplies before leaving or that's what my sons convinced me I should do . Clever aren't they? They said I would be wasting all the fondant etc etc. So yep here is cake 3. It is 2 layer chocolate cake with fruit filling in the middle. I did not use fondant for covering. My kids prefer the frosting. So buttercream frosting once again. The fondant is in the cuts. Cartridge used for the scallop border - cake basics and the middle is from elegant cake. The small flowers are just Wilton shape cutter.
With the cake it is wise to leave the fondant on the mat to set for more than 15 - 2 mins till the top is dry to the feel. Should not look shiny.. Touch and feel and if it feels a bit dry (not cracked dry but a little dry) then it is ok to cut) I mixed a bit of cocoa powder to the fondant along with coloring.
 As long as you have patience, lots of icing and a lazy susan (this one is from ikea) it is very easy to apply icing . I kept the laddled the  icing for the crumb coating in a seperate container so that the crumbc do not get on the top layer. Then put lots and then keep cleaning the spatula and apply. To even out in the sides just keep the spatula flat on the cake and roll the susan slowly and it will level out . If there is a valley - just add more and then redo till you get a nice coat. Yep - lots of icing needed - make a batch of 6 cups for a 9 inch cake . You will use 3/4 amount atleast. And of course if you want to layer before adding filling pipe in a thick rim of icing in the cake and then add the filing. This way the top layer will settle in fine without sagging or squeezing out the filling .
Ok without much ado here is the cake. Simple again except for the border. I have to take a class after I come back.


Dakota Bear said...

Very pretty cake!

MizMaryAnn said...

I agree with your kids, I prefer buttercream frosting over the fondant. Fondant is pretty to decorate, but not very tasty for a whole cake. Your decorations turned out so beautiful.

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

It is a beautiful cake! We will need a celebration one when you come back home! I like the buttercream too!

flowerdisco said...

soooo pretty and the fruit filling sounds soooo delicious :P yummy-yummy.

Karen said...

Another great cake. Did the fondant end up chocolatey tasting enough? I'm thinking of using fondant flowers to decorate my wedding cupcakes. Will they be firm enough do you think?

papillon digital design said...

karen - the fondant was chocolaty enough. But it has to set and dry after transferring onto the cricut mat. The more time it sets preferably 30 mins the better an also when taking out Since the cutting brings the shortening up to the top and makes it soft we have to let it set a bit before and after for best results. And popping in the fridge or freezer even for 5 mins does help!!!

FitterTwit said...

GORGEOUS cake!!! Great job Pam!

Java Jen's Creations said...

Mmmmmmm.......buttercream!! What a beautiful cake!! Fantastic job!!

Keri said...

Love your cake! It's is so pretty. The colors are great. I agree-buttercream is the best. Fondant is not good for eating, just looking at it.

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