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May 18, 2010

How to make aperture cards

This question came up recently in my mail so I am posting it here  too.
We all know welding inside solid shapes ie rectangle square etc gives us strange results . So we have to work around and weld inside frames to get this card.
Here are the screen shots of the G.
Select a suitable shape for an aperture a wide rectangle . Some cards even have aperture cards which will be ideal. But for now let's work with Gypsy font and wanderings
Here is a shape in GW I have used

Then select the word or letters kern and weld (make sure they are overlaped and kerning is an easy way to do. I most of the times kern by -0.2 and then fine tune). Here is the welded word

Mat view

Then select another rectangle for the big lower portion as I want a smaller aperture and not the huge one which I have. Unlink the chain , set the actual size on and adjust width and height to overlap

Place it all together adjusting to overlap

Then group

and weld

and if you want the left side of the card select another rectangle. check the height and width of the whole image (it will be of the rectangle as it is the biggest size and nothing is peeking or welded beyond. so set the height and width to that by again unlinking the chain and having actual dial size on) overlap and weld

Here is the final card

So this is one way to do it.  You can easily work with apertures you have in some other cartridges. as they are sort of frames too. With welding you have to try and adapt as I always say.

As I mentioned this is how you would do with GW or GF but  cartridges  like wild card have ready made shape like apertures card (button 4 and 5 and more too) so if you have these cartridges you can add the welded words or image directly


flowerdisco said...

Pam...I wish you and you loved ones a safe trip, a fabulous birthday to your Dad and many blessings to all. Bring lots of pics to share. I am always interested in other cultures and from yours I love the colors and jewels and your buildings. :)

Pam...get a big hug from me please, and come back as soon as you can, ok? I hope you keep in touch once in a while...I can imagine how busy you guys will be but a note here and there so we droll here with envy, lol.

Cheryl Boglioli said...

Have a great trip. We will miss you.
Thanks for sharing such great detailed instructions too. !!!

Dakota Bear said...

Have a marvelous trip! Thank you for the tutorial.

Karen said...

I don't have a gypsy yet but I'll certainly come back to your tutorials when I do!

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.