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May 28, 2010

Gypsy update 0191/0193

First of all I was an update tester and all this finding is in the tested version so do not know if how many were fixed. so..I will come back and update when I return..

Update new features version 1.4 build 0191/0192 (test build)
actual build (0191/0193) (according to makeupgirl 217 as I do not have that update and am in India lol)
Note 0191 is the content portion of the update and 0192 or 0193 portion is the font update. from now on you will have the double build I think..)
and my OS as I have mentioned before is poor old windows XP.
G sync itself is awesome. It has a new troubleshoot in the help and it has new features which asks you to backup files. But before doing this transfer all your gypsy files already on the computer to a new location and rename  the main folder (I named mine under my documents as gypsy previous files)  and keep the original file empty so just in case.
Also some files may have problems being backed up especially files which have spaces and numbers at the same time in them. Just check the G and then rename such files before backing up or even after - when the error throws up don’t panic. Note the name of the file and keep changing . Then run G sync again. choose both option at first - firmware and content.
I  think now we can selectively choose if we want the update - ie with new features that is firmware
or just the new cartridge installations or font installation as called in CDS and in Gypsy called as content installation 
I am not sure about this but if yes… yip yip hooray
Wait for the G sync to tell you when it is done. The G will show “busy syncing” even when update is complete. 
Mine switched off the G once and then asked to continue with the G sync and then second time - G sync said update is complete but G still had “busy syncing” on it until I closed the G sync. an when you close the G sync - cool feature it say “cleaning up resources” and only then frees up the G sync.
I think not freeing the G  by G sync is good so that means the G sync gets full attention and so hopefully lesser errors while updating.
Also if you are doing something G politely asks you to save and then only then does the busy signal flash on

when you click the help and about it tells you  
present versions
 G sync version 1.3.3782.2135
There is now a firmware version and content version in Gypsy
so  Gypsy Firmware version - 0191
Gypsy content version - 0192
also tells you the serial number of  your G and mine is - ha ha got you.
Only those in bold is new addition and rest of the details in about was already there in place before

Cool features

G sync
  1. From now (until the next update) on each time you connect the G and run G sync you will get the message “busy syncing” until you close the G sync.
  2. Updates has content and firmware updates - which I have to check next time ..
  3. G sync in the help drop down has 2 new  labels - show backup location which takes you to the location on your computer where it has backed up and in windows (mine is XP- it brought up  pop up and it was under under My Documents\GypsySync\Backup
  4. When selecting save file we get a new option of choosing save selected file as. Still empty there so save just as. Also if there is duplicate file it asks you do you want to replace.

  1. Help menu on the Gypsy is clear and awesome. So first check that out
  2. Layer/page button at the top - Can now rename and also so easier to delete by holding  the stylus over the button - it drops down for deleting and renaming. The arrows on the side work after they get filled up ie  after layer 5. And yes layer or page can now be deleted even when it has images on it. Just tap on the layer you need to delete and then hold stylus on the layer you want deleted and wait for the dropdown menu and press delete
  3. Layer template can also be now hidden by holding on the eye. If you cannot get to it please recalibrate your G.
  4. Hide and contour in the advance menu - the button next to the copy which looks like 2 arrows or 2 sides of a square. When you open it up you get another screen with the image and choosing previous and next will select the part of the image which needs to be hidden (will appear red in the image on the left) and tapping hide will hide that feature
  5. The keypad layout now has the creative features named and holding stylus on it pops up a little zoomed up version. But some cartridges have it named wrong like GW and GF so check with the book before dumping them
  6. The mat is numbered and when you zoom you can see the quarter inch marks too. So you can now place the cursor on the mark and then use the arrows to move down so you will get the to the quarter inch.
  7. The size of the image can be changed even beyond the mat size after adding it on. No need to now cheat the G by first setting the cursor to high numbers and then adding as we did earlier. It can be reduced too
  8. flipped welding ok - tested
  9. pages dumping and cutting as when happened during 155 -  tested and no problem - does not dump.
  10. if you had photoapp before then it is still the same - no changes
  11.   welding  maybe a tad but faster when you copy it more than 10 times but you get to know it is welding by the preview giving you bars immediately on the lower part of the mat screen. So no worrying it is hanging . Complicated image cartridges like Mother's day also a tad faster . Wherein it earlier took about 30 mins it took me just 10 mins for welding but when cutting once it previewed it cut immediately
  12. Vellum cuts without problem when speed is set to min and blade depth 3 and pressure med to low. For the first time since i got the G I cut vellum without tearing.So cutting speed is certainly slower . Image as it is is slower than welded image. When image is welded - the preview is slow but cutting faster. But improvement - yeah!
  13. Hide and contour also gets coped with the hide and contour hidden even across pages which is a great advantage
  14. Keyword search is faster. even words like flower which took lots of time is now faster
  15. edited to add - the layers can be reordered . Hold the stylus on the ayer and when it turns green you can pull it to where you want to go at the top.

Needs improvement
  1. Is the creative feature keypad mixes in GW and GF? So check with the booklet for the rest of the layout’s too. edited Animal kingdom also has an errror and tie the knot is also a problem I believe according to Beth 
  2. still welding problems with solids etc but now you can hide
  3. base camp still  a problem
  4. can selectively copy just one image when grouped in same page (by just selecting one till it turns purple) but across pages you get the whole group
according to beth - makeupgirl - in her words one more glitch
"If you add layers let's say 5 then delete 3 then add another layer it will add the new third layer as layer 6 not layer 3."

CDS to Gypsy conversion

when choosing save selected file there is an option for save selected file as but as of now empty. Hopefully we will have a future conversion in the gypsy itself .  Cds update 1.0.40422.0. When files need replacing we get warning on both sides ie while converting CDS on the computer and while saving from the G sync

  1. Layer at last not dumped when opening the gypsy file in CDS
  2. Hide and contour and also skewing/slanting on the gypsy end is seen in CDS when you open the gypsy file and it also takes while converting  cut file to gypsy file along with the page name. 
  3. Vice versa hide and contour from CDS also translated. In both cases you can bring back the contour 
  4. Still can’t convert cut files from gypsy though option can come soon and same way cannot open cut files in the Gypsy sync
  5. You can now convert file with just choosing filename in CDS (ie from File menu when you press save as in the pop up window which comes in windows) and just choose file option as gypsy and it will still convert. You need not save as filename.gypsy
  6. well greatest news the zero width from CDS opens fine in gypsy. Only when you goto grab the tiny thing does it goto the icon ie application launcher screen… So happy score mark from CDS…

Ok here are a few images and test cuts

Hide and contour

1st cut from home accents - hidden the seeds

2nd cut copied and further played with till some shows. yes the hidden features copy

3rd cut - just the whole image

this cut is of vellum and also the weld of mother's day cartridge which before took 25 mins and now only 10 and can I say vellum and gypsy in the same sentence - yeah!!! speed low, blade depth 3, and pressure med

The video

part 1

part 2

As I already have photo application during the christmas update that video is already there and nothing has changed
the link - http://www.thebugbytes.com/2010/01/episode-16-cricut-gypsy-basics-photo.html


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TraciVee said...

Great info, Pam! Thanks so much to you (and also Makeupgirl!) for taking all that time to check it all out and pass the info on! You don't know how much time you save us all by doing the detective work ahead of time :) Your work is SO appreciated!!!

Have a fun and safe trip!

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All the way from India ~ Thanks for putting us first!!! You are the best!!

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Pam, What a blessing you are--always thinking of others needs first. Thank you so much for your concern even when you are making a trip to India. You anticipated well many of the questions I had. I so appreciate all that you ladies with your wonderful hats and fun filled spirits do. Have a wonderful trip with your family --we (less techy ones) will be so glad to have you back and look forward to hearing more from you.

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"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.