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Welcome to The Bug Bytes a site/blog mainly for Papercrafting and some photography and other stuff thrown in here & there. Add in some die cutting machine, scrapbooking tools, cameras, scissors , glue and...... My name is Pam. If you have been redirected from Papillon Digital Design you have come to the right place.Hope you get inspired by the projects, videos and files. Would love it if you could leave comments and become a follower. (Word verification is turned ON to avoid spam. Sorry for that inconvenience.) Would love it if you would also share your project here . If you find a linky under the post do share your project by posting link there or if you do not find a linky post your link in the comments.Thank you for visiting. The website Papillon digital designs has changed to Papillon Digital Design so if the link gives and error or takes you to page with chinese characters then please drop the 's' in the link at the end of papillondigitaldesigns and try . That is change papillondigitaldesigns to papillondigitaldesign and try the link.

Tips & Highlights

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Gypsy Tips
  1. Gypsy after you open the box
  2. Cricut - Forced reinstall of the firmware when it does not work the first time
  3. Gypsy & Cricut - Resetting your cricut and Gypsy & for video of resetting your gypsy http://www.thebugbytes.com/2009/11/resetting-your-gypsy-your-cricut.html
  4. Gypsy Tip- Loading the mat
  5. Gypsy Tip - Grouping and welding order
  6. Gypsy tip for the day - Zooming to the maximum to get exact scaling
  7. More Cricut Gypsy Tips - Same tip as first but in more detail
  8. Gypsy Tip - Ungrouping a single image from a group of images
  9. Gypsy Tip - Open an image from cartidge you don't have and construct
  10. Gypsy - Tip for the day - Naming files in DS for conversions
  11. Gypsy Tip - Checking for error in Gypsy files
  12. Gypsy Tip of the day - To see a larger view of image before adding it to the mat
  13. Gypsy Tip - To see which cartridge the image on the mat comes from
  14. Gypsy Tip for the day - Naming files in the Gypsy for easy sorting
  15. Gypsy Tip of the day - Welding
  16. Gypsy Tips - Trying to grab hold of small images by changing cursor size
  17. Gypsy Tips - To find out the cartridge an image is from
  18. Gypsy Tips - Shadowing & Layering
  19. Gypsy tips Setting cursor for layering
  20. Gypsy Tips - Update your firmware, gypsy and CDS
  21. Gypsy Tips - To get a image larger than the mat size
  22. Gypsy Troubleshoot - The new way to reset the updates in case they go wrong
  23. Gypsy Tips - To find a cartridge used in a file
  24. Gypsy Tips - Placing or not placing objects in a mat and resizing images in a group
  25. Gypsy Tips - Selecting images in layers especially when flipped
  26. Gypsy Tip (video) - Cutting multiple welded images (autofill) & copying image
  27. Gypsy Tip - Selecting an image which is difficult to grab
  28. Cricut Sync Troubleshoot for Gypsy
  29. Gypsy tip - Keyword search
  30. Gypsy tips --Welding right- Try playing with Grouping order
  31. Gypsy Tip: Note file extensions while transfering/downloading gypsy or cds file
  32. Gypsy & CDS tip - Converting cut files to gypsy - avoiding the unhandled exception - March 2011
Imagine Tips
Here are some tips and facts as I learn them form Imagine. Some maybe links to other blogs.

  1. Imagine after opening the box (1st attempt)
  2. Exploring the Imagine
  3. Advanced Calibration