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February 12, 2010

Gypsy - after opening the box.

This is a write up or cheat sheet I made for my upcoming swarm. Thought I will put that up here too if anyone is interested.

1) As soon as you get your Gypsy - charge it and while charging calibrate it and set your settings and see if it goes to the application launcher screen.
Oh I should mention 2 things here - one don't get scared if the power cable sticks out a little - it is that way.Do not push it in too much as the port may fall in and secondly the silver button is not the power button but the black one on the side is the power button - watch my gypsy basics videos for this
2) Do not start linking cartridges yet - Wait a while and see if everything is working. Give it a few days to play and get used to it. And then start linking - once you are sure you are going to keep the G and even then only the cartridges you know you are not going to sell . It’s a death do us apart commitment for when you link, the Gypsy writes it’s serial number on the cartridge so that it cannot be linked to any other Gypsy. Of course you can still use the cartridge in any Cricut machine.
3)Next thing is to register the G.
Go to https://www.cricut.com/gypsy/link/login.aspx
If you already have an account in Cricut.com - use that - else create one. Do not give your hubby’s email id - ;) as then your G will be registered to him. This account is different from your cricut rewards program. Follow the instructions. If you have points/rewards it will come by email within a week.
4) You will be asked to download the Gypsy sync which is a sort of driver program which stays on your computer. This program recognizes your G and is used whenever you need to update your G or when you need to upload or download your files. (Right now file conversion from .cut to .gypsy is possible only with the paid version of CDS).
5) For the Gypsy sync to run successfully you need to ascertain some things - First thing is of course you need an internet connection.
2nd - The right OS - MAC OS X 10.5 and above  and if windows especially XP then check if it has .net framework. XP should be service pack 3.Unless you set the update in your computer it would have not updated. So do check if your computer has them by going to control panel - add or remove programs. Check on the show updates and you will see the .net frameworks. If you do not have them then add that as an automatic scheduled update and it will then automatically update. If you run into problems then check in msn.com and search with error code. Common procedure (Microsoft suggestion) is if the update gets corrupted for some reason and does not proceed - is to uninstall manually all the .net frameworks and then reinstall them in a particular order. Do check this thread -
http://www.vistaheads.com/forums/microsoft-public-windowsupdate/466256-solved-net-framework-3-5-error-winxp.html  or any other thread like this
For vista it should be in Netframe 3.51 SP 2.  So do update if  your OS if required.
Always run your G sync as admin (do not double click)
If the firewall interferes and the G sync has error then uninstall and reinstall with it turned off.
Also be sure to turn off the pop up blocker for this program.
Use a 2.0 USB port  ie a data port. In some computers it is usually in the back.
I would recommend any gypsy user to read post #2 in this thread (from Gypsy MB ) by my friend Mercy. I would say a must read
Also read further into the thread as many scenarios and problems have been overcome and yours may just fall  under this category.
6) When you want to run the g sync unless you connect the switched on G on atleast the application screen it will always shoot out an error.
7) The next step is to update - Check the build on your G . When starting out it will most probably be in 0091. Tap on the wrench icon in the application launcher screen and look at the lower left in your subsequent screen. It will show you the build. (Same way for the G sync - check the help and you will have the version/build on it - same for CDS too - you can see here even in the initial loading screen) . Only after 0142 update was the G working well. So do  update. Present build 0159/0160
8) If you have CDS and want to use both then you have to update CDS too. The version 1.0.31101.0 is the working version which allows conversion of G files. Even though the CDS says up to date it is not. you can update from
9) To start using the cricut unless you have update with your CDS then you do have to update your cricut firmware.  Do follow instruction especially while holding the stop button first and then the power button else you will just be powering on the cricut and not making it ready for update.
Preferable update through the CDS. G update is usually depending on the update and the machine can have 2 parts. My E had 2 and my create just needed 1.

Once you have the firmware updated then make a test cut and you are ready to start playing.
From time to time look for the updates. Gypsy MB is the best source for info and also for links to videos and files. Preferably do updates on a weekday so that you can call PC if you get into trouble.
One other thing is Windows users can avoid an update (even if you have to run the G sync for transferring files) by first running G sync and when it does not finds the G and throws error then connect the G. Unfortunately will not work for Mac users.


Tigriswillreign said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to document this for us Gypsy newbies!!

suzyfunk said...

I really appreciate this guide. I just got mine after a lot of soul searching, and I still use you guide as a reference. Thanks so much for all of your hard work!

Elsie said...

Thanks for all of the info

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you can help me out. My Gypsy won't connect to my Cricut. I have powered everything down and tried several things. Nothing works. any ideas? Thanks for any help! Lisa

papillon digital design said...

Lisa Call PC. Sometimes some E's refuse to be updated. But do try updating from CDS - even a trial version will do.

papillon digital design said...

Lisa - try forcing the cricut E by referring to this thread http://www.thebugbytes.com/2010/03/forced-re-install-of-cricut-firmware.html and then update via CDS - download a trial version if you have windows. Email me (from contact). But if this does not work then call PC CS

Anonymous said...

well nothing seems to work, but I appreciated the help!! I called PC and they are sending a new cord, hopefully that is all that it is. thanks again! Lisa

Anonymous said...

Pam I am so bad at posting comments so I hope you get this. Just bought my gypsy today so your article "out of the box" is an absolute lifesaver. Thank you so much. It is bookmarked and will be front and center tomorrow when I register,sync etc. Thanks again Melinda from denver

prettymarshtwo said...

Totally new to Gypsy [it has not even arrived yet]. Do not understand "file conversion from .cut to .gypsy is possible only with paid version of CDS"
Would you explain to a computer illiterate? I have a Mac. Thanks Nonna L

papillon digital design said...

Nonna - You need to have cricut design studio which unfortunately runs only on Mac and that too a paid version right now to convert cut files which are files used on cricut design studio to gypsy files which are files used on gypsy. But they are coming with craftroom a new online software (note you have to be able to connect to internet to do anything on this one) which will change things a bit. To sum it up -People earlier than gypsies used to share their cut files- so to use those files you have to change it to gypsy format to be able to cut those designs with your gypsy. But this conversion can only be done by a windows users who has bought the cricut design studio software since it runs

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