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September 27, 2011

For those with Art Philosphy cartridge which will not link in gypsy and will not work with CDS, E2 & Imagine!

Remember the Art Philosophy cartridge with that extra dash and extra letter - well it won't still link with gypsy nor will it work with CDS,  Imagine nor the new E2 until there is a firmware update "probably" during next hello Thursday - ie October 20th. Both CTMH and PC are no help. CTMH doesn't acknowledge it's stinky stamps - those having breathing problems - do not open and ask someone else to open in a well ventilated area - wash it once or twice and throw it some corner away from you for a month or more!!
And as for that update - guess you just have to wait for PC to take its own sweet time to give an update! while our money is safely tucked away in it's pockets. Boy do I really really regret  getting a cartridge after a long time! Lately this company's products !! well let's say - consumers  sorry for you if you get stuck with a lemon (and a huge sorry for myself getting stuck with this lemon which is in this case not just this one case but the whole dang batch! so there are many out there). I am appalled! During these times when economy is in a slump and there is a severe competition and people expect more for their buck it's really surprising! Their Marketing Department is good but just that is not enough. Quality and customer care is more important. And I give a huge thumbs down!


Anonymous said...

Wow that's horrible. I have an Art Philosophy and it linked to my Gypsy and works with my "I" so I guess I got lucky. I wonder if it was the 2nd batch they produced after the first sold out. Sorry to hear you're having trouble and hopefully they'll get it fixed for you soon. In the mean time, enjoy using the cartridge with your Expression (if you have one....I guess if you don't have one then I really see your beef). I love the cartridge and only occasionally use it with the G and I.

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littlen said...

i've become very dissatisfied with PC. it seems all they do anymore is release more and more products (many with "glitches") in order to make more money with little or no regard for customer service. i've made the decision not to buy anymore carts or machines from them and i'm switching to silhouette - i've already pre-ordered the new silhouette cameo and expect it to arrive sometime in Oct.. good luck to you and i hope that someday your problem gets resolved - just don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

Unknown said...

I have to agree with you. They're taking their own sweet time.

Bunnyfreak said...

I don't understand why CTMH won't do anything. I had thought they were a reputable company. It seems it is just one thing after another with PC.

Weezie said...

I agree with you. I think waiting until Oct 20 is far too long to wait for something to work properly! Guess they don't care about the customers. I'm not happy about it since I bought the cart for a Halloween project. If it's not working by the 21st we should all ask for our money back from Ctmh!

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