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February 27, 2010

February 26, 2010

update 0162 for those already having photo application.

I like this update as it seems to have fixed my G a bit. It is going to the screens faster, switching on the power plug accidentally (when will I ever learn) did not switch it off (maybe this is just luck).
1. Keyword glitch was fixed (giving the words on the first go when tapping the white window on the box at the top
2. preview looks ok - no multipage dump in preview. Will test cut and report.
3. Cartridge in use - I had to earlier close the file by opening another file before the fresh image added from a fresh cartridge was reflected. But now it is reflected instantaneously. 
4. Page deletion still possible only if the empty pages are in the end. 
So will keep this thread/post update  as and when  I find things.

But one thing as when I tried updating by rightclicking and run - it did not update and showed error but when I double clicked it did run. Also when doing it do not run anything on G , let it just be in the application launcher screen - 3 or 2 icons for when I was doing something the update did not take and had to reset and try again.
Also the updates are now 0161 for those not having the photo app and 0162 for those having the photo app. 

Couple of things I found on the Gypsy

Since I thought I would update I opened gypsy sync by right clicking and chose - run as option - and  wow "I got we have to close sorry for the inconvenience" error. Not giving up when I double clicked on the icon - sure enough the G sync opened. But then after running G sync it said "not responding" and the "update has not been applied".. This was maybe because the G was busy doing something (keyword search) . So I  reset and am tried again. What's happening?
Also the other day while doing a keyword search for flower and after the search when I clicked on the top white box it bought me all the words with flower on it and today when I typed butterfly it got me an image and the cartridge next to it. Still taking lots of time. (gypsy build 0160) .Then I tried flower again and surprise it got me an image and cartridge so as I  clicked on the flower which was from 50 states (the first flower) and it took me to zooballo cartridge and added a snoopy dog to the window. What's happening?
Then I went back to keyword search and this time even when I did not type in any flower as the  flower keyword was still in there, when I pressed ok and went to the white box - this time it bought up all the flowers. Do we really have to learn all the nuances when for sure it is going to change with the next update? My head hurts. I am taking some tylenol and since it has finished updating and switched off , Iwill try test cutting and then do something else. Gosh! It's a love hate relationship with the G.

After the update, now my G is on 0162 this time when I clicked n that recalcitrant flower it added that flower instead of the dog and now I think I figured the keyword search out.
First time just the image and the cartridge . After selecting or canceling  if you go back  and do a keyword search again with the residual name(note if you switch off the g or reset this will be gone) and tap on the white box in the keypad overlay then you get the list of all the words with bird in it. . hmm. guess it is video time if I even remember how to operate this thing..

I have my article out...

in Calender girl  Joy's blog - http://www.obsessedwithscrapbooking.com/2010/02/gypsy-and-design-studio-pros-and-cons.html. Thanks Joy for the lovely words and also to all of you that left me such lovely comments.  This has made my day. Thanks. Yep the sun is peeking out!!

February 25, 2010

Spring has come!!!

to my brain LOL. The dry desert which it was until a few days back has started to bloom again. Completed a project today which I can only share on Tuesday 2 weeks later as it is for Tuesday Treats. I am contented with myself as it may not be a great project but I am happy.
Went to archivers and saw some cute butterflies,dragonflies and flowers made with paper and bling and beads which I felt I could make myself instead of spending about 6 dollars on them. Might resemble sassy lades a bit but this is with rice paper and decorative chinese paper from my painting stack and not transparency and I will be embossing not stickling. Also I am starting a huge project which will keep me busy and challenged - I am not sure how far it will come as to suceeding- but I will try my best. I have decided to do a carousel. Lots of papers and bits flying but I think I can do it. Oh - I did finish the teacup and saucer to match the teapot. Needs a little bit of tweaking but the files and photos will be up next week.
Yep - I am a happy camper today. Spring has come.

February 23, 2010

I just realized one thing

I can write some personal stuff in this blog if I want to - Ha ha. True but  not that realization but another one.
When I went to the swarm one important topic came up. (Mercy gal you are so famous). They wanted to know about linking cartridges and if Mercy had linked hers yet - I said nope. Then they must have thought to themselves - "I guess let's ask this poor thing too " ,not to make me feel bad. And I said yes - all of them. Now that did get their attention. They of course asked me why? I said that I am possessive and I would rather be buried with my cartridges. Note the word buried.  This is when I realized - buried? Where am I going to be buried? I am going to be cremated LOL . Isn't that great. Even in death I don't chance my cartridges being stolen. I am going to poof them up with me. Ha ha.
But jokes aside don't link unless you are 200 % sure you will keep the cartridge and never ever link other people's cartridge.
What a morbid post! Going  to the dentist does such things to me ( I will not use the word visit - that's a pleasant word LOL).

February 22, 2010

Spring into Easter!

Hi! I'm Cheryl, aka CherB on the Cricut MB. I am so excited and honored to be the guest designer this week at Tuesday Treats. First I want to thank Pam and Mya for starting the Tuesday Treats blog, and for their help and all the other wonderfully helpful people over at the Cricut Gypsy Messageboard. I don't get to participate and post there a whole lot, but when I do have a question, I can always get an answer there and if I need some Cricut Inspiration, I can find it there for any project.  Oh, and Cindy, with your help, I learned how to make a watermark for my photos and then forgot to add it to these.  :-(  Maybe I can edit later, but I wanted to get them posted.  

I also wanted to thank my family for being so supportive of my crafty obsession, most especially my dear daughter.  She cooked a few extra dinners and helped extra around the house to give me time to learn how to create and edit video.  Keep her in your thoughts today; she is having her wisdom teeth out this morning, so I'll be able to now spend some time and help take care of her for the next few days.

My Tuesday Treats assignment was to create a bag using the little bag on page 115 of Tags, Bags, Boxes, and More (TBBM) and my Gypsy (named Essy).

When I saw this bag and realized my date would be after Valentine's Day, I thought "What a great time to design an Easter Bag!" What I envisioned was a clear Easter Bag with grass around the bottom and little designs on the front and back - filled with Easter Treats. To create a clear bag, I wanted to use something that #1) I had on hand, and #2) something everyone could easily obtain. I decided to use overhead transparency. This did limit my creation to be able to fit inside an 8.5 x 11 rectangle.
It also took a lot of experimenting with designs and adhesives to work with something clear. I'll tell you now that you need to practice first and your adhesive needs to dry quick enough that you are not stuck in a Yoga position for long trying to hold the edges while it dries, and yet slow enough that you can align your edges before it starts drying and creates a mess. The best glue I found for this is Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive. The next one in line was Beacon's 3-in-1. I'll admit now that none COMPLETELY disappeared, but I'm happy with the final product. I made one with patterned paper also, so don't feel like you are limited. And you can also add or subtract any designs and change it to be as big as you want.
I did include images from Easter 2010 and Plantin Schoolbook for my final design.

There are a total of 5 videos. I tried really hard to edit and make them shorter, but one problem is that YouTube limits you to 10 minutes. Don't worry, not all of my segments are 10 minutes, but I had to find good transition points to edit the videos. The other problem is that I struggled with giving everyone enough information and direction that even those of you that just received your Gypsy yesterday could follow along and hopefully learn something. But, I also hope even those who are Gypsy wizards can find a little something - at least some inspiration or ideas. So, go pop some popcorn, grab a drink, and join me as I show you how I created my version of this bag.

Click HERE to watch on YouTube

Click HERE to watch on YouTube

Click HERE to watch on YouTube

Click HERE to watch on YouTube

Click HERE to watch on YouTube

Here a few more pics of the assembly process.

Here is the page I created for the embellishments.

Here is an example of taking advantage of laying out your paper for your cut.  I find that with heavy patterned paper and general cardstock, with my blade at 6, pressure at 3 and multicut at X2, I'll get a clean cut.  However, with glitter paper or bling carstock, set mutlicut X3.  Speed with my Gypsy is always set to lowest speed.   I do believe that each machine may be calibrated just a little different, so you need to find what works best for you. 

I cut the transparency with a deep cut blade set at 6, pressure at 3 and multiple cut x3. This seemed to give me the smoothest cut. My speed is now ALWAYS set at the lowest speed possible. Because this bag had images welded to the edge, my score marks were not cut - which worked out just fine for me since I was working with a clear bag. The best way I found to score for me, was to use my Scor-Pal and a rotary scorer to get down into the grooves. I lined up the score places in a groove and then made sure the edges were parallel to one of the other grooves. This made sure my scores were straight.
Again, practice first with gluing a bag. I found it easier to use a block form inside the bag to hold it firm while gluing the edge. A little goes a long way and will squeeze out if used in excess.
I used a bone folder to burnish the bottom after I glued them together before it could dry.
Score and assemble all other pieces.

(yes, don't pay attention, but I put the grass on first and had to do it again.  If you want the scalloped corners behind the grass, adhere those first. 

 Adhere extra pieces to your bag and embellish as desired.

And more pictures of the final projects.

So, there you go! My Easter Bag. Please click on any of the pictures above for a closer look and PLEASE don't hesitate to ask me any questions. If you would like to download my Gypsy cut file, please click HERE. And I would really appreciate a comment on my blog if you download this file and let me know if you have any trouble with the file.

Thanks so much for joining me today and spending so much time with me.

Gypsy tip for the day - Welding

While welding lots of stuff - it is wise that you check each step by previewing to see if that is what you want. I know I keep saying this like a stuck gramophone record that the order of welding is important. It is. I have shown you that in the one of the beginning video. Just one step and we get different result.
Now to undo the step it is not enough if you just ungroup and change the order. You have to remember first to tap on the weld key so that it turns off and then ungroup (try ungrouping just  what you want and not everything) .Only then will the change reflect. Else it will remain the same.

A Spot of Sunshine

I was given this award by one of my friends. The sassylady herself. most of you know of her but for those of you who don't - her blog link is http://shesasassylady.blogspot.com/.  I am honored and touched by the award and her words. My morning nowadays starts by grabbing a cup of coffee, then rushing to get my kids ready for school, dropping them off and then coming back and grabbing one more cup and then sitting down to open my  inbox to see if she has sent me an email and sending her one. Her sense of humor, her joy in simple things... I could go on with the list. She is so inspiring.
As with anything in Life to avoid chaos it came with some rules ;) LOL
So here are the rules for this award....

  1. Place the award in your post or within your blog
  2. Pass this award to six of your nominees
  3. Link the nominees to your post
  4. Let the nominees know they have received the award by commenting on their blog
  5. Share the love and link to the person you received the award from.
1. Done - yep here is the post
5. Done. Hugs Sassy . you already have my love sweetie but one can never have enough love so here is some more - Catch...whirrrrrr...don't drop it dear.
2, 3 and 4 coming up
My six nominees are
oh oh - I so want to give one a award (you all know which one) but I know she does not have a blog. Mercy - you just have to do with a hug from me sweetie.
Now for the list

  1. Of course Crystal aka Myamagoo my partner in  crime at TuesdayTreats and her blog is Design~Create~Inspire
  2. Mary - what a dear she is. Very creative girl and helpful.  She is Scrapbooking Grandma from .scrapbookinggrandmacrafts
  3. Rozzettaakafluffy  - oh my this girl is an energizer bunny. you should have seen her before Christmas and her blog is See fluffy scrap .
  4. Elizabeth - my co- worker (LOL) at Gypsy tech support MB - Mercy you better get back soon or else we will promote this girl up to your place and you will not be the CEO anymore ;). Her blog is 217creations
And the last 2 on my list of nominees. Well I know them as well as any fan says they know the superstars. We all dream about them and hope to see them in their lifetime and if we get to shake their hands and take a picture with them then  - oooh. what joy!!!! - Can words really describe??. I am not a moviebuff or sportsbuff but an artbuff (wow - a new word in the dictionary) . So to me these are my Scrappin' Superstars. I am so happy to say I did meet one of them yesterday. I have still not touched down to earth from that experience. Still floating about in the Houston skies.

5. The Calender Girls - Tammy, Melanie and Joy - http://www.cricutholiday.com/. Tammy was the one who I not only shook  hands with but took photos (oh oh - I forgot the autograph) and even got a hug from her. Who wants to be worried about creating and getting mojo back. I am just going to spend the next few days with a sappy smile on face.
6. Mypinkstamper. Robyn - http://www.mypinkstamper.com/.  She is one of the first to leave a comment in my blog encouraging me to go on with the videos. I will cherish that comment forever.
 Hmmm. Maybe I will make a certificate out of it and hang it in my studio/scraproom. What a great idea. Let me take a print out...

February 21, 2010

Cricut Swarm at Westador Clubhouse, Spring Tx

I had a blast at the Swarm yesterday. All I did was a card and almost completed one layout which was more than I thought I would achieve as my goal was to have fun and gab which I sincerely did LOL. Thanks Lori " The Cricut Lady" for arranging this - if you are reading.
One person whom I missed was Rozettaakafluffy who was the one who got me into going to the swarm in the first place as I was hesitant to drive so far ( to me anything more than 15 mins. drive is far LOL). She couldn't make it.
So here's the full report..
I left early at 8:30 in the morning with my friend Michelle who was such a sweetie and didn't allow me to load anything because of my bad back. We both forgot to have our breakfast . We reached there at 9:50 and went in and took a seat, unpacked and set up our workspace. Lori  was a great hostess. She greeted us in and showed us our seats.We were seated next to  Lynda  and the next table was reserved for Tammy (Creative Critters and calender girl) who joined us in the afternoon. Michelle made me (yep) do a layout . These 2 were so prepared that they already started on their layouts before I could even pick  the papers. In my defense all I had taken were 3 pictures as I had no plan in making anything. Lynda  finished an awesome layout . We all had taken a gift for the gift swap. So there was a game. Shockingly one of the lady fell and hurt herself. Thankfully another one of the lady in the swam was a nurse and handled it well. Realized the importance of having I.C.E (In case of emergency) on the cell. A better idea would be to have a card filled with details. Old fashioned way is always better in such things.She was taken to the nearest hospital and we reached Home from her cell phone. Thankfully she is ok now. (Do say Hi sweetie if you read this)
We then had some demos  - gypsy, faux leather technique, design studio, make a cut, doll faces (by a doll herself - Tracy aka craftjunkie too - can I wax poetic about this girl - she is simply awesome and was meeting her and Tammie was my favorite part in the swarm). Then  Tammy arrived with her mom - Liz and her aunt. I just fell in love with them. What talent  and enthusiasm they have. I hope to grow old as gracefully as these two. Tammy herself was everything I expected and pictured her to be.
We took lots of photos.  I even posed for some. Oh My! I am not used to being in pictures and do much better behind the camera than in front of it. When two ladies  kindly took some shots from 10 or so of our cameras I grew a little comfortable and actually smiled after the 4th camera shot - Ha Ha. If you follow across the blogs of people who were there and have posted the pictures you will see the progression LOL. Tammy then did demos of glass etching and Martha stewart punches.
So here are the pictures. Some of them are a bit blurry as the persons who had to take the shots did have to figure out 10 or more cameras LOL. But just thought I would share them too.

            The demo ladies

Lori (left), Tammy (right) and oh oh - don't be scared by the middle one. That's poor old me

Tammy's family - Aunt, Tammy and Liz her mom (from L to R)

Liz (Tammy's mom) working on the cute  paper dolls.

Tracy aka craft junkie - a cutie herself demoing her creations - sketching cute faces

Tammy, me and Tracy (L to R). By this time I learned to smile while posing.

Here is the design studio demo and my friend Michelle is standing way back holding a soda can and
talking to Demita (can't see her here) another friend I made who hopefully will join us in cropping soon.

Here's Laurie ( http://laurieisjustscrappin.blogspot.com/) who demoed Make a Cut. Yes some of us did wear color LOL instead of black. And doesn't she have a nice smile? She was just charming

Tammy doing her Glass etching demo

More pictures


And lastly a group shot of most of us. A little blurry I know but it was way too many cameras - about 20 in all for one poor sweet man to figure out. He called it a language problem ;) 

So that's how I spent my time yesterday. What a great day it was. Had some fun and made some friends. 

February 17, 2010

Hi Tammy and a Big Thanks

for sending such lovely creative artists over. Welcome all of you. Hope you enjoy my blog and my scribblings. Mercy be to the computer that you didn't have to see my handwriting too LOL.

Cartridge storage solution

My cartridge collection has grown so much I was looking at a solution for this which would also be portable. And I found one. But before I share you have to hear the full story how I discovered this right ;) . Though I ofetn don't behave that way I am still a woman after all LOL. So here's the story
Since I am going on a swarm and plan to go regularly on a crop with my sweet friend Michelle, I went on her saying first to Tuesday Morning (what's with me and Tuesday's nowadays. I was born on a Wednesday. Should have named the blog Wednesday wonders - ha ha. ) Anyway found some very nice deals there would you believe. Cropperstation which are usually about $35 - for just 9.99 or 14.99. and blings and chipboards and stickers just packeted together. Some really nice KY memories and american craft papers for 3:99 - oh yes.
Then on the way back I came to Home Depot to grab some handy dry wall tape -thanks to Sassy. (BTW a deviation - if you are using as magic mesh then remove almost immediately - do not let it sit on it for too long as it will permanently cure or that's what the guy said). I decided  to also look in the tool box or storage section and here's what I found for $29.97. This can store easily about 60 or more cartridges with the books and keypad overlay's. It opens with a cantilever type and it even has some support at the back so that the box does not tpple over. It's Husky 22" cantilever box. There are 2 varieties almost similar but I decided on this one as it looked more compact and the inside even though shorter in height was more wider. There are 12 storage bins inside and I removed almost all and left just 3 inside. I will use this to store some embellishments. Btw there was one more red colored one which was just $9 which would also have done the job but I liked this one better as it looks stackable and opens up with support instead of toppling.
OK without much ado here are the pictures. Look how my 2 cuties posed for the picture.

February 16, 2010


Sassy at the MB challenged us all to create something yesterday. I have done only 1 layout ever - hmmm - I think 2 if you count the hoot hoot. So I made this layout. Stamped some , embossed some, doodled some, stickled some, used computer to print some map, punched some, used cricut & gypsy some (destination and lyrical letter) and here is the layout. Still needs some Journaling and gluing The inside square photo mat needs to become a pocket so I can keep the memorabilia from the trip. Have to run to the store for the  dimensionals but on the whole here is a quick look.  Needs better lighting but don't want to move it too much till I finish and that special memories got turned the other way - so have to turn it to lead into the picture. Oh! I am in the layout ;) . That small bit of red you see in front of the sleeping Buddha is me LOL

Gypsy power cord plugging in Warning

We all know that the power cord sticks out and pressing too hard makes the parts fall inside. But one more word of caution. Suppose you are off the power and you feel like plugging into the A.C do switch off your G and then connect. Same goes while removing the power cord. I was designing and was low on battery - and so rather than go through the hassle just decided to plug in and it switched off and there went my unsaved work. Also another time when I did the same thing instead of switching off -  the screen became dim and  light - the colors especially the pink was more a gray pink. Thankfully resetting the gypsy and also using it till it drained and then recharging fixed the problem.
So a warning if you want to attach or detach the power cord to the G you are better off doing it when it is switched off.

Shopping Bags With Sass!

TuesdayTreats – Puts A Little Sass In Your Shopping Bag!

These are the lovely bags from TBBM, below are the same bags filled with gifts, I used the tag from page 32 in our booklet.
And for those that would like a little something to carry into the office that has plent of Sass try this Alligator inspired bag. Coupled with matching tags this will make a great gift all by itself.
Hello everyone this is Sheila from ShesASassyLady here with TuesdayTreats featuring TBBM!

Thank you Crystal and Pam (aka MyaMagoo, Design, Create, Inspire and TheBugsBytes) for hosting this wonderful blog, designed to share, teach and guide us into getting all we can out of our Gypsy. Thank you also for this opportunity to contribute just a little to this WONDERFUL blog!

I am honored to do this guest appearance knowing just how creative and talented Pam and Crystal are, but I have to admit my knees are still shaking because when I look at the calendar of guest designers I am humbled by the talent…

I was asked to make the bag on page 114. It is a simple little shopping bag. Yet, after spending days wondering why they wanted this little bag I emailed MyaMagoo saying, ‘These bags are soooo little, why would anyone want such a small bag?’
I made the bag as large as I could on a 12x12 sheet and decided it was still too small. After all, what could you use a little bag like this for? Ladies, it’s a shopping bag and if you’re anything like me you want it BIG to fit all your goodies in it! So I enlarged the shopping bag. When you place this cut on your Gypsy it will measure 11.85wx6.17h when it is enlarged. I took it a step further by enlarging the height only to a 7.33h adding a full inch to the bag! 

Now we have a bag ready for a little SASS, because I won't carry anything that looks like a plain ol' shopping bag!

This big little bag is a great gift by itself, but you can place many things in it. I chose to make gift tags from TBBM, as for many ladies, that in itself is a wonderful gift. I used the leftover space above the bag and placed a tag within the purse and enlarged it until it fit. The dimensions are 3.97wx4.16h. I then duplicated the tag until I had 3 and lined them up accordingly.
I highlighted 1 tag, tapped the plus sign on upper left corner of screen, then moved to page 2 on my Gypsy Woman, and hit the duplicate button. Resize the tag to fit within the 1st tag 3.63wx3.84h, duplicated until I had 3, and lined them up on the screen. I chose the blackout feature as the holes will not line up properly when making 2 separate sizes. I chose artwork to fit within the tag from GW that I like. Because I was making 4 shopping bags, I chose an additional set of artwork. (Note: I did not use the flower cut that I had planned to).

Here is the material for each bag. All I used was 1 -12x12 sheet of colored paper for the purse and 3 matching tag backs, 2 other sheets or scraps to make tags, ribbon, feathers for the edge and red tape to adhere, pop dots, zip dry glue, buttons or whatever you want to use to embellish, 2 charms (the cat was found on the sidewalk), and lots of rhinestones and skittles. 
On the next purse, I used a beaded fiber to Sass up the bag. This is my favorite!
For the faux crocodile/leather bag, again, all I used is 1 - 12x12 sheet or paper, some ribbon, Primas, a brad and red tape to adhere.
Cutting was simple as my first page was all the same color. I did however use a very heavy stock designer paper requiring multiple cuts. I set the blade on 4, pressure med, speed slow and set # of cuts to 3. The cut still didn’t penetrate so I changed blade to 5 and cut 2 more times. Rechecked the paper and then unloaded the mat. Glitter is very hard to cut through so please check before unloading the mat.

On the second page, I used the accent color for the tags and another for the artwork. Again 1 cut. I repeated the cutting steps for 4 purses. After cutting the tags, I decided that I needed to place an actual layer up against the back to cover the back of the decorator paper as it had a peel back look to it. I went back to the 1st page, highlighted the tags, hit the plus and then duplicate button on page 3, allowing for an exact match to the tag. As I made 3 pink purses at the same time, I hit duplicate again, allowing 6 tags to cut at one time.

Below you will see what your score lines look like after cutting. Use these as guides to fold the flaps and adhere your edges on the bag. Because my paper was so thick I scored very lightly on the front and then again on the back of the paper. This allowed for a nice clean fold. 
Putting the bag together was very easy. First score at all score lines as shown except for the bottom flap. This gives you a real close look where you will score. See the lines by the bone folder? That is where you will fold your paper.
This is the first purse I scored, and as you can see it is perfectly lined up with the lines they provided. Here is where I am going to change the directions..... Remember I altered the design, yet I did not adjust the score line guides so at this point you need to take out your ruler and score exactly 1" from the base of the purse, which in the photo below would be the line in the center or from the flap score marks. Notice my final flap is larger than the side flap due to the adjustment. You can adjust the sizing, just remember to measure the side score marks and match to that.
After scoring, adhere red tape to your flaps so that it will attach to the inside of the bag. If you are adding decorations use red tape to secure. Make sure that in cutting, you allow enough to tuck ever so slightly into the fold of the bag, being careful that it does not add bulk. Aren't the feathers beautiful?
Be sure to tuck the flap under while matching the side of the bag. Press firmly without crushing. VoilĂ , you have a bag with plenty of SASS!
You will need to fold the edges as shown. Note, I didn't pull the red tape off and adhere it until after the photo was taken as you will need both hands to make sure your edges are straight. After my bag was put together, I took a very small scissor and cleaned my edges, as the paper I chose left little fuzz balls on the paper that I didn't like.

After completing all 4 bags, I then turned to the tags. After cutting, leave the matching tag to bag as is. The accent tags I ran through the Cuttlebug using my favorite, the paisley folder. Then I put them together using my Glue Glider Pro. Same size to same, back to back, then with the smaller size I positioned a short strip of ribbon and taped it to the back. I then glued the smaller tag onto the larger tag. 
Then I decorated my cuts with rhinestones and skittles and used dimensionals to adhere. Needing more goodies on the tags, I used a set of old letter buttons to decorate the first set and liked it so much I went to pick up more just like them. Of course I couldn't remember where I bought them and had already thrown out the tag, and could not find anymore. So I used brads. As you know, I had already put them together so I cut the back of the brad off with wire cutters and used the large glue dots to adhere. As I was making 4 sets I kept them separate by using Ziploc bags and kept them with me to work on whenever I had the chance.

A word of caution on adhesives, if you are using designer paper or ribbon you must at least use the red tape. However, in the brown purse even that would not hold the purse or the ribbon. I stopped at our local scrap store for the first time and met, India at Scrapbook Mania, and she told me about Zip Dry glue. It worked wonders and the brown purse is solid now!
Skittles need to be placed on 1 at a time. Notice the excess glue from the glue dot.  I then used my fingernail to push the excess up against the skittle to give the tag a nice clean look.
After deciding how much ribbon you need, measure and cut enough for all the tags you are making.
Adhere the ribbon with tape on the back then use your glue gun to adhere to the tag.
I used left over rhinestones and some that I got on sale (wish) for only 39 cents. I again used the tweezers and applied one at a time. By the time I got to the third set I was using their rows applying 1 strip at a time!
I think the rhinestones add a little Sass! After I embellished the tags, I punched a hole in the top and added matching ribbon.
I hope you enjoyed making this little bag with me.  If you would like the FREE Gypsy file just download it from here: SassyBag and be sure to come by and visit me at ShesASassyLady!
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