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March 3, 2015

February Card Party Boasts 17 Cards In One Afternoon

For any of you that don't know what a card party is you really need to check out this post. Every three months our little group gets together and makes the cards that we have all pre-designed! Every lady comes to the party with two different card sets that hold all pieces for each lady at the party. To insure your seat you must reserve your space and turn your cards in 1 week in advance. If you should be ill or have an emergency that day you will get your complete set of cards. This means that if your hostess has stated 8 people will be at the party you will bring 2 sets of 8 cards plus a completed card to show and explain so the other ladies can make it. You will bring home 16 new plus your 2 sample cards at the end of the afternoon.
Our Hostess also provides little gifts for each lady that comes, as well as prizes for games that go on during the party. Every lady brings a dish to pass as we all like to snack when we take our breaks. We rotate hostesses and usually have a co-hostess to help. We also serve a simple dinner at 5:30 and then go back for about 3 more cards and then have dessert and call it a day. We all love to have fun. We decide the next hostess during dessert.

This is Angie and she is showing us her first card. It was a contest card and I didn't win! Isn't her card adorable?

Here we are rushing for the next card. It is a contest card! All prizes are in the center and the little cups are used for our  scraps. The only drinks at the table are covered ones.

Looks lake Angie won the contest. Abby is checking it out to make sure all is ok. Be sure to watch the video as it will show you all the cards inside and out and I am sure you will want a close up of them.  Allison was not with us even though her cards were. I saw her this morning at church and her strep is gone! She was so excited to get her packet!

Aren't the cards just amazing? I think this is the best batch thus far.... but then I say that after every party! Don't know how we will top this one!

This is Dorothy's great little card and so easy to make on the Explore.

Jenny made the cutest little Hedgehog the said Hogs and Kisses on the inside. Just adorable.

I made this great Anna Griffin card and it is beautiful. I think she made it as a Birthday card but mine is an Encouragement card as I have such a great need for that.

Here is Laura and she is showing off the cutest little kite card. Laura doesn't have any cutting machines but makes the most beautiful cards... just amazing.

Meet Anita, her card is gorgeous! You need to see the video to really see how great her color choice is. She has encouraged me to get my punches out after making this one!

I can't get over how rough I looked that day, guess I didn't get my hair fixed up after my nap before the ladies came! This is a card that I took off design space. I love it all I had to do was tell my explore how many cards I wanted to make and it sorted my mats. I pulled the papers cut and was good to go!

Here is my Jenny and I am telling you that you must look at the video to see how great this card looks. The front is embossed and color is so dramatic it looks great.

Anita is showing us her second card. So pretty with the little butterflies, and look at that hello, I think that has to be from the stamps of life. Just beautiful Anita.

Angie is showing us here little owl card and it is adorable! She made the banners across the front and put hats on the little owls and stamped happy birthday on the inside.

I love this card Dorothy made as it is one of the Bible verses that I held on to when I had cancer. It says "Be still and know that I am God". Psalm 46:10. It is so pretty and can be used in many situations.

Laura made this beautiful card and it is another that you must see in the video to appreciate. Beautiful!

Abby's 2 cards were great and is a must to see what a catch on the video it is just too cute and we all had a great time making this card.

Finally the last card is a Anna Griffin card design. I didn't have all the parts so I designed my own to match her card featured on Design Space.
Well I know this was a long post but it featured 17 cards and as you can see they are beautiful! I hope you enjoyed today's post. Be sure to leave some sweet-sweet words for the ladies as they will be encouraged and inspired by your comments.


"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.