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January 27, 2010

Cylindrical Castle pop up card

Here is a cylindrical pop up card which I made a week ago. The cylindrical pop up idea itself is not mine but from a general template I had read in a book about basic pop up cards and also I came across  this in a website http://www.stampohmania.com/pages/howto/cylindrical.html  by Kathy Berger. She is precise in her measurement -  while I just rough estimate things to suit to my needs and I have used the Gypsy to do all the cutting work.
I just decided that the cylinder will be ideal for a castle and adapted the design to suit.
One other type of pop up is box type which is generally used.
A beautiful website link  for pop up cards is http://extremecards.blogspot.com/ .
There are also some books which can be got from amazon including Sandi Genovese's (DIY) book.
 I had posted this card on MB without the instructions. But I have loaded the file and posted the pictures with instruction  now. The file can be downloaded from the navbar - gypsy files and cut file under DS files (I design with gypsy so I do not cut the DS files).
A note here - though the card does use lots of cartridges - the main cartridges are just George and Plantin.  The rest are just for embellishments.

Page 1 in the gypsy file has 2 cards. You can cut one or two depending on your choice. I have used one for the front and one for the inside which is white.
Page 3 is the envelope. page 4 is the embellishment for the front
Page 2 is the pop up portion.
Note: DS cut file has the pages named and  not in the same order as the gypsy file - 1st page in DS is the pop up part, 2nd page is the card base 3rd page is the front embellishment and 4th the envelope.

Again it has 2 similar shapes - these are the pop up shapes - one at the top left which I cut in white and one to the lower right. I made it so so that the window can show white inside and I can paste the princess on top - sliding her in (after coloring her) - between the two pieces and also adjusting her so that the bars does not go smack up her face. I pasted the window bars on top  of the  cream and brown pattern paper. I cut the man out (after coloring him) from the sweethearts cartridge and threw out the poor girl :) as I wanted a princess.
At first stick the patter paper on the white - starting only from left. Adjust the princess before gluing the rest of the paper down - after dry fitting the window bars on top. once you are sure glue it down completely and then the bar too. Score in the left scoremark and in the small rectangle in the right.
Try out the whole thing before actually gluing it down. That way you will get an idea where to glue the roof too and you can move the pop up depending on your preference.
Take the card and open it. (I have taken the white card) . About an inch away from the center score line on the right glue the flaps of the pop up portion as shown. (As I mentioned - glue it after the first trial only)

Then slide the small rectangle through the gap/hole

And depending on how much of a curve/roundness to the cylinder you want pull the small flap and stick it to the left side of the card - maybe   from 1/2 an inch to 1 inch to the left.

Decorate and embellish as you want. I  have added my prince and also a path with puddle - (for a touch of  blue to help the composition) and some green grasses and pasted the small pink hearts. To the lower left I attached a chipboard sentiment - "I am stuck on you"
For the card front:
I  attached a ribbon and pasted the pink pattern paper card cut out from page 1 in the gypsy file to the front of the white card (which has the pop up inside)

I cut out a shell from another pattern paper and then using an embossing stylus gave it shape to resemble an actual shell and attached a sentiment - "Love is Life"  inside it . It was actually "Love this Life" but I colored in the "th" to make it "Love is Life". To the left I cut out the LUV (I think this was from tie the knot - cartridge) from brown pattern paper - same one as the roof and stuck a pink heart and a rhinestone in the center of the heart and I was done.


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Very nice card and I love the photos you are now putting on your site! So much to look at! and your directions are great. Thanks for taking the time to teach us how to do this.

yvette said...

What a fun idea!! Thank you so much for sharing.

Rozette said...

I love pop up cards! And Sandi Genovese...I use to watch her on HGTV...love her!

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.