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March 30, 2010

Forced Re- install of Cricut firmware

by Admin Darryn posted in the G tech MB. I am logging this for my reference.
I beleive this method can be used   if the Cricut is giving you a false message of being updated to most current version, when it really is not.  It is supposed to  take the machine back to the factory setting firmware, so you can then update to the latest version.

"The following is a method to force a re-install of the Cricut Firmware using the Gypsy:

The timing of the following steps is very important. It might take more than one try to get this to work.

Forced Re-install of Cricut Firmware

1) Connect the Gypsy to your Cricut.

2) Plug the AC power into your Gypsy.

3) Power on the Gyspy.

4) Select the Cricut Application.

5) Plug the AC power into your Cricut

6) Hold down the STOP button on the Cricut and push the POWER button. Continue to hold the STOP button until the Cricut beeps one time.

7) Click Update your Cricut on the Gypsy.

a) Your Cricut will restart.
b) The Gypsy will display a screen allowing you to select the Cricut you are going to update.

8) Power off your Cricut.

9) Hold Down the STOP button on the Cricut and push the power Button. Continue to hold the STOP button until the Cricut beeps one time.

10) On The Gypsy, select the Cricut version you want to update.

a) The Cricut will restart.

11) As soon as the Cricut restarts power off the Cricut, hold down STOP, push the power button on the Cricut and do not release the STOP button until the Cricut beeps one time.

a) The Cricut will restart.

12) Follow the prompts on the Gypsy to finish the update.

NOTE: This has only been tested on a Cricut Expression. It should work on both a V1 Original Personal Cutter and Create. If it doesn't please let me know and I will look into getting new steps for those machines."

So that's it. I do not want to try this unless necessary. So anyone trying please let me know the results - ha ha


flowerdisco said...

These instructions will take ME more than a few tries. I will have to have three hands: the extra hand to hold the instructions over my eyes or....a new brain to memorize them. LOL

Thanks for passing the info tough :)

Mary said...

I just followed these instructions to update my baby bug. Worked wonderfully! Thanks!

Judy said...

I don't have a gypsy. I was trying to go into the Circut Craft Room with my computer.

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.