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March 3, 2010

The Gypsy clutch

I had won this during New Year while participating in a fun party at Treasure book Creations. I was own with back pain then and returned early from a  party my family and friends were having so decided to cruise in the MB - which was my favorite hobby back then LOL and when Nurseviper - a MB friend asked me to hop in I did and think of the surprise when I actually won something.  Thank goodness I was lying down and already in a prone position for I certainly do not own a helmet  in this country.
This is an image of the purse/clutch (web image)

I will cherish the purse as my first ever prize and looks like my only ever prize. I will keep it new and look at it  often .
I prefer the target pencil box to slip my G in and put it in my regular purse. I use even the HSN bag to store my cables but do not carry it as if I carry too many bags I most probably will forget and loose it .
Thanks Sage from Treasure book Creations for the lovely prize - a memento of a fun party.


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

This is such a pretty bag. I have one too that I haven't even opened! Still using my HSN bag because it fits my lifestyle.

My Serendipity said...

Congratulations on your win! I am still waiting on mine..hehe. By the way..I love, love, love the clutch! I need to get one of those..and thanks for the tip about the pencil box!

flowerdisco said...

Pam you are too funny, I would love to hang out w/you. The clutch is very pretty, use it girl, use it.

geraldine said...

Hi Pam! That's a really nice clutch. I've been hanging out at your blog watching some of your videos. Thanks for making them. I'm expecting my gypsy tomorrow and your vids are a lot of help!

yvette said...

Congrats Pam :) Its such a pretty bag .. almost too pretty ... you might not wanna take the G out, cos of the prettyness!!

Joy said...

How fun to win something!

We have friends that taught, I am pretty sure, in Katy for years and years. Now, they live in a town near there.

Unknown said...

Cute little bag!! It feels so good to win something ~ even if we don't plan on using it much!!

Magoo said...

HOoray! I'm so glad it arrived :)

Mine is sitting in front of me right now....I carry my g around in it quite a bit.....I love the colours :)

congratulations on winning!!!!

TemporaryInVanity said...

It was my pleasure. Thanks for joining in on the fun!


"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.