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March 31, 2010

A surprise find in update 0170 regarding image size - Oh My!!

I just found this. There is a way to get the image bigger than the mat with this update.
Hooray! Is this a glitch? I don't know. Set the cursor size to something high say 11 and then add the image and you will get a big image. But if you first choose default cursor size of 1 and then try to increase it will only go as big as the mat ie until either the width or  height hits the sides.
ok edited to add pictures

 1.  Set the cursor to high value  initially before adding the image. Here I have set it to 14

2. Note how big the image is and goes off the mat

3. Now to do the old fashioned way . I have set the cursot to default that is 1 inch

4. And then when I try to increase with circles or height or double arros and single arrows the image will not increase beyond when it hits the mat in this case with this image it's 11.05

Wow so a way to go beyond the mat size without having to change the mat size. Hope this glitch? lasts and they don't take that away.


flowerdisco said...

Pam...I love your button. PLUS..your tip is really good to know and Thank you for that always learning hunger you have, lol because if it wasn't for that I bet many of us would be in the dark with our G or at least will take us longer to figure them out, lol.

Magoo said...

Great find pam!!! I am very grateful!!!

I'm off to update-it's been awhile....and I won't update so I can keep this feature lol!!!

unless of course they add hide contour :) :)

amylynne said...

Pretty cool! Thanks so much for sharing your finds!

Emma said...

THanks for this GREAT tip Pam!!

ScrapsofMe said...

Will it actually cut all the way to the edge like that? Just curious.

Thanks for sharing.

the other Pam

dianne said...

TFS Pam.
Dumb question ---- But what is the advantage?

Marjo said...

Awesome,I need to update! Have been trying to do that with no luck. How cool is that..Thanks for all the work you do. You are appreciated, sorry I don't comment enough...Marjo

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