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March 11, 2010


is what I am coining this creation of mine. It can be used as a Tag with pockets or as envelope combined gift card holder combined greeting card holder. Did that leave you dizzy.
I got a package of Glue Foil from http://www.streutertechnologies.com/gluefoiladhesive.html. Seeing my interest and mention in the MB and where to find it would you believe that this got noticed and I was asked if I would like to test it out and share my experience. I said yes if I could be a honest critic. And they said of course - no strings attached. Well I said yes and got the package last weekend. So here is my first experiment with it. The glue foil itself cut like butter. Have to use a new mat but no need of using even multicut feature. I left the remaining on the mat as though it comes of the mat easily enough and you can brayer it - I would not . So I have a dedicated a mat for it as I don't want to waste any piece and want to use it all before removing from the mat. Gypsy and CDS will sure come very handy.
I got 1 sheet 81/2 x 11  each of these colors - gold,silver,copper,blue,green,black and red. This one is the gold. I love the copper,silver ,gold and black and see uses for that in the next few days. But the red, blue and green - maybe flowers. But when it hits the stores I will definitely buy the copper,gold and silver and sometimes the black. It is all silver on the back - so when you emboss you can sand it to get the silver to show through (I think- as this will be my next trial). BTW they are not my sponsors. They just sent me a trial. And those who know me know that I am unbiased and like to call it as it is. This material needs to be glued on with heat so you have to press it in preferably by iron. I tried the hot gun but you have to use something like a rub on stick then to press hold it and gently press it in on the paper as it is metal and gets hot LOL. I preferred the iron on method. It sticks to frame and even cloth (some cloth needs to be stabilized). yep - I asked about cloth. You know me and the way my brain works. So I had to ask questions didn't I? My first one was -   What's the wear and tear on the blades. Ha ha. Poor guy would have thought  immediately. Oh Oh why did I commit myself and why did I pick her. ..
They have not tested and neither am I going to test 100's and 100's of cuts LOL for I am sure that it will lessen by only 10 or 15 cuts less than cutting regular paper as the material is not that thick. A chipboard will wear the blade almost equally or more because of all the fibers being dragged through. More chance of the blade breaking there than this. So wear and tear - after seeing it cut - not a major concern I guess.
You can check all the details in the website. And without much adieu here are the pictures and project details. File is on the blog. Do not cut page 4 and if you are using glue foil as the glue foil is one sided do not turn/flip images on page 3 for paper savings. I did that LOL and had to modify the design as I wanted the smaller pocket facing on the left and the larger on the right - or atleast that was how my sketch and how the file will be. But a lesson learnt. So The file shows the pocket the opposite way . Don't go by the picture
The glue foil responds so beautifully to embossing. You can stamp on reverse side (which is not sticky until you iron - so a major advantage) and emboss or use cuttlebug etc. as long as you don't have a heavy iron and it doesn't get flattened while ironing on to paper or any material. make sure you do not have steam setting and set the heat to nylon or silk - that itself does the job. cricut speed low - as I am using the gypsy (intricate cuts with this product - not tested  - will try that on the blue paper - ha ha as I don't want to waste the others), single cut, pressure high to max. Blade depth 6 ( I always keep it at that and my mat except for the new one for foil which I got for the swarm ;) is still the same.). Paper used - pattern paper is DCWV -  Taj Mahal. Lovely papers. Made for these foil. All dressed up and Mariposa will be a good choice too.


eiyiyi said...

You are so creative Pam! This is amazing and that fact that you created the whole thing just blows me away. Beautiful job, as always. hugs to you, eileen

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

This is beautiful and soooo creative... Look you used the cuttlebug too and what a wonderful effect is gives to the foil. Love the TajMahal paper it looks so elegant on this. This is a must have for us! Thanks for sharing your talent!

My Creative Time said...

I LOVE it, very pretty!

Magoo said...

I'm loving this project so much!! I definitely need to make this! I was telling sheila that I don't have any extra cards on hand at all!!!

This looks so fancy but can be done without too much time involved :) :)


flowerdisco said...

I love how embossed. So neat! TFS!

yvette said...

That is so pretty!! What a great great idea :)

Dakota Bear said...

WOW! This is very nice.

Enfys said...

I just love the way you make everything seem so easy Pam. Lovely project again,
big hugs
En xx

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