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March 9, 2010

Walking Barefoot..

on the freshly sprung grass in spring time.....
What a wonderful feeling and some of my family members had this pleasure forcibly thrust upon them when I raided their shoe closet - :) for this episode of Tuesday Treats.
It wasn't that bad ...as I just raided their shoe polish , and left them with their shoes. The laces - thought it would be better all around just buying them ..
What did I need all this for??
For one of my purse this week

from Tags Boxes, Bags and More Cartridge - pg 118 button 37 on the overlay.   

Now I did do more than one and a look at all three 

I was cleaning my brown shoes when I thought why not try a Faux leather technique? I am afraid my mind gets only so creative - no feathers and no shakers. Give me metal and power tools LOL. Ok - maybe I concede to a little beads, some bling , maybe a tiny bit of ribbons and of course more tools like heat gun, stamping. After all I am a girl - well when you hear my teenage son say it - a woman...old woman... sigh. How can I make him understand that the female of the species are all forever sixteen???
Well... coming to the purse
Here's how I "dun" it.

Well hope you enjoyed the little bit of comic relief there.
Getting serious
For the brown bag - I took a length of brown book covering paper roll and cut it about 3- 4 inches more than 12 x 24 so making that  16 x 28. You can do this technique with a brown shopping bag too, but as I didn't have any I stuck to this. 
I took the paper and crumpled it.

Now before the next step - I had to make a decision. I knew that because of the crumpling and the air pockets formed it will not cut right in the cricut as the blade will skip over the pockets. So I decided to glue this down to another paper. This would also stabilize the paper as the brown paper is a little thin.  I decided to use the same brown paper . You can cut this paper also 2 inches more than 12 x 24 in case you make a mistake but with this technique it will not matter and as I have a creatopia I just passed it through that. Atg gun will work fine but with that you might want to have the paper wider and longer. Here take care to stick the shiny sides together for 2 reasons
1) polish will take better on the dull (not shiny side)
2) shiny side will not stick on the cricut mat.
so glue the shiny sides together

and apply brown (or black) liquid shoe polish.If using the other grab a sponge. I found the liquid easier. You can of course use regular ink but I liked this better for how apt the usage of shoe polish for leather.

wow - look at that - my hands and paper - a perfect camouflage.
So after applying polish which I did on both sides - front and back and allowing it to dry I cut the paper out.
Now a brief look at  my G file.
This is page 1 of my file

I have used the black out feature of pg 118 & welded another shape from pg 112 - a pocket folder or library pocket as I wanted a strap like closure.

 I also used the same shape (blackout) for forming pockets in the purse. I delinked the width and height i.e turned the golden chain off (white) and rotated it to check with the template in previous page. I didn't want the closure to overlap in some places and I did not want the side pockets to be more than the ... ha ha sides.

I then cut page 1 and 2 and scored & glued using ATG gun and little bit of zip dry glue
This has 10 score marks. It needs gluing with ATG or red tape on the outsides except for a couple of spots which can be optionally glue (in the insides). (When you weld sometimes the score marks goes away depending on the purse)
I of course wanted to add the pockets  and the beads which I did before gluing down the sides. I also used opaque markers - Souffle 3d  markers to draw stitch lines & this too before gluing as it is easier to work when it is flat. For the beading I was able to slightly peel apart the layers a little and hide the back of the work which was a huge advantage. I used thin metal wire which went inside a needle. I then later stuck the layers closed with zip dry glue.
 I found it easier to first fold in the half circles and then the glued small tab and then the larger side over it all.
Here's an inside view of the purse and also the handle I made with beads & shoe lace (yep - but you can use the leather strip for this). I attached the round wooden bead to the purse with a handle strap(cut by hand) and brads. Added velcro  for the closure and the bag was done. After finishing sprayed a coat of clear glossy sealer.

The second purse

 can be made with two -  12 x 12 sheets taking care to overlap at the bottom and adjusting the file (page 3) by moving it to the appropriate point point before changing mat size to 12 x 12. I used another 12 x 24 sheet and attached the pattern paper as it was thin. For the window I have used a shape form storybook and made the frame on page 4 (by increasing the image , then delinking the golden chain and adjusting the height and width to form a frame)Here's the file view

I stamped a piece of vellum , colored it and stuck it behind the purse window and added a frame in the front. Some half pearl stickers just peeled and glued and a button with shank cut off and added with glue dots and for the handle - just a bead garland - which my son gave me for Fat Tuesday. I cut it and punched a hole in the sides slipped the beads in and taped it.The metal jewelery glue came in very handy.

Pattern Paper used for both this and the next purse is from Deja' Views Home collection.
I used the file on page 1 and the buckle on page 4 (image on the left) for this purse

I cut the buckle with chipboard, versamarked it completely, applied silver embossing powder and when it was still hot and wet stamped it with a medallion stamp I had  to give it texture. IFor the handle I just took a chain and slipped beads and glued it with Alene metal jewellery glue to keep them in place and attached it to the purse with brads. The purse looked kind of empty  so to embellish I just took strip of black cardstock - used fiskar plates called braid (I call it plait LOL) and then cuttlebugged it (sandwich is - A plate, fiskar plate,the cardstock which needs embossing,  2 embossing rubber mats (or rubber gaskets) and B plate. Then inked with silver ink and glued it in the edges. To the handle I stuck some chain and also glued a silver button (again with shank cut off)
Here are the 3 videos. You can also watch it from the youtube channel - TheBugBytes


The gypsy file is available in the file section. Hope you liked the simple project...and get to walk barefoot wherever you are if the weather permits ....


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

LOVE~LOVE~LOVE these purses! They are beautiful! The brown looks like a real leather purse, the blue is so sweet, love the gold button closing and the little birdies. And the red, well you could through on a basic black dress and go out dancing with this one with the diamond looking buckle! Amazing, all the detail! Thanks for sharing your talent.

Tracy said...

Pam, sweetie....your talent is OUTSTANDING!!! I must share this on my blog sending all of my CJToo friends over here to check this out. WOW!


Mary Beths Crafts said...

This is absolutly amazing.. I love your work. TFS

Mary Beth

Dakota Bear said...

The purses are amazing.

217 Creations said...

Awesome job Pam!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

happy2scrap56 said...

will you be sharing the file?
Thanks Jan

papillon digital design said...

oopsies - sorry dear. Share it in Tuesday Treats but forgot to post here too. Will get right on it

Wendy (aka Roo) said...

The Craft Junkie just sent me over here, and I'm so glad she did. Another awesome blog to follow! Seriously, you can't even tell they are made of paper. You are such a talent!

papillon digital design said...

Thank you all for the kind words. Hello Wendy. Welcome! Say Hi to Tracy and give her my Hugs!!

Haidee said...

Wow... these are so sweet! I can't believe how wonderful these look! Fantastic job!

Crooked Scrapper said...

Love the purses. I especially like that you stepped out of the box and used items that you wouldn't think could be used for scrapbooking. How cool to be able to say "here I made you a gift bag out of a grocery bag". Great job!!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Well I finally had the opportunity to watch the videos and they were great! You are soooo talented!

Carol Ric said...

These purses are awesome. I love them all. thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with us all.

Tigriswillreign said...

This looks AMAZING!!! Terrific ideas!

Unknown said...

thank you sooooo much for showing us what you can do reta

Unknown said...

pam it is unbelievable the talent you have, i want to be able to make some purses. i was wondering if it would be possible if you could some how download the template of the purse so we could just print it our on our printers and cut it out with scissors.Your mind is and the way it works is something i can only wish to have. i realy like sb, and sewing but no way can i pull that purse together. Thank you soooo much for all the work and talent you share with us. Will be checking back for more of your amazing works of art. Thanks again reta

papillon digital design said...

reta - it is easy to download a template. If you have windows just download the design studio and open the purse on a mat and printscreen on your computer. Then you can open it in paint or adobe or any photo editing program, save, print and then just enlarge in any photocopying machine. Shhh - don't let anyone else know :)

Turnedgypsy said...

oh my gosh, you are good.


Tanya said...

WOW, these are so beautiful! I just got the Tags, Bags, etc. cartridge, but I don't know if I could do this!

Ladybug said...

OMG, your purses are stunning/amazing/awesome!!
And...love your "button" so had to grab it!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I just love these lil purses. Great Job!!! We are sooooo sooooo lucky. Thanks for sharing these little treasures. I can't tell you how much I love them.

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.