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November 7, 2012

A Gift Box for cards.

Hi everyone, Karon here from Karon's Krafty Korner for my monthly little visit.  On my blog I have been doing sets of 6 cards and making gift boxes to store them.  Here is the latest.

Today I am using a Gina K Designs at Stamp TV, design. The links to the two part tutorial are as follows Memory Keeper part 1 and Memory part 2.

However, I needed to make the box a little deeper, so had to rework the measurements. The original box is 0.5" deep, mine is 1" deep to take the extra thickness of the 6 cards and envelopes.

Here is my finished box.

For my belly band front I did several layers and added some ribbon.  For the panels I used the Art Philosophy cartridge, Square 4 (page 53) cut at 4" by 3" and 3.5" by 2.5".  The font was cut at 0.75".

So, I guess you would like to know how to make it.  For my deeper box you will need to have a 12" by 10.5" piece of card stock.  Keep the piece you cut off - to use later.

Along the 10.5" side you will score at 1", 2", 8.5" and 9.5"".

Next you will score along the 12" side at 3.25", 4.25", 8.75" and 9.75".  This way you will end up with a deeper box but still have a nice size over lap at the front.

Now to cut out the following areas so that your flat box looks like this. And then cut into the 8.75" score line to form a tab.

It is best to decorate, as Gina suggests, before you assemble your box - placing your decorated panels before you do this makes it easier.

At this point you could use a corner punch to tidy up your corners - as below.

Your panels are going to measure:

     Middle panel - 6.25" by 4.25" , for the second layer I did 5.75" by 3.75".
     Top panel (the larger of the two edge panels) - 6.25" by 3", second layer 5.75" by 2.5"
     Bottom panel - 6.25" by 2", second layer 5.75" by 1.5"

I decided that as I had a deeper box I would decorate the top fold of the box, this was 6.25" by 0.75" and then the second layer was 5.75" by just 0.25" and the side folds which were 4.25" by 0.75" and 3.75" by 0.25" to keep in proportion with the rest of the panels.

Now place some tape ready to make up the box - this is where the tape is needed.

Pull up the small tabs first and secure on the inside of the box.

Bottom front piece secure to inside flaps.

That is basically the box done - all that is left is to decorate it how you wish.

You can always refer to the Stamp TV video - if there are any problems with following my photos, as other than the measurements, putting it together is the same.

To secure the box - I decided to make a belly band.  You can use the 1.5" by 12" piece that you cut off the original 12" by 12" piece of card stock.  You score this at 2.75", 3.75", 8.25" and 9.25" marks and it will wrap quite easily around the box and secure.  Then decorate the band.

My box to the side.

This box will hold 6 cards and envelopes.  These envelopes were 6.25" by 4.25".

Thanks for visiting the Bug Bytes today and thank you Pam for letting me visit again this month.

Happy crafting.


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