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August 17, 2010

Lifes a Beach Bon Voyage card

Hi, I'm Flo and I am a guest designer this month for Tuesday Treats. I am Flohill on the cricut message board and my blog is http://flos-a-scrapin.blogspot.com/ This months cartridge for Tuesday Treats is Life is a Beach and I designed a card from this cartridge.
The first Pic shows the gypsy and the icons from LIAB that I put on the screen.
The 2nd pic shows where I placed the papers to cut the icons. I have always used CDS or a gypsy. I have used the whale, the dolphin, the gekko, the starfish and the chairs at 2 inches. The waves at the bottom are at 1 inch and the 2nd layer is slightly smaller to fit the mat. The wording is 1 inch. I used textured cardstock from http://www.grant.com.au/ and A5 designer Paper 'Azalea' from Rosie's Studio. Both of these I cut on medium speed pressure 4 cutting blade 5 and double cut. The tops of the starfish did not cut well so I discarded those. Once cut I put together the layers of the dolphins, the chairs and the whales but the gekkos I left without the layer as I had cut them in coloured paper.
I used a premade card from a pack and used SU ink pads to sponge the background inside the card. I used 3 shades of blue- Brocade Blue, Brilliant Blue and almost amethyst and for the sand used creamy caramel, barely banana, and summer sun. To get the sun I sponged around a circle and left the centre white. You can see in this 3rd pic. I have added the whale and also added the first bank of waves.
I have added 3 sets of waves and have made these stand up by making them pop up like a pop up card with the attachment to either the waves behind or to the back of the card. I have added the whales to the back of the card and the dolphins to the waves so when you open up the card the waves and the dolphins pop out from the back of the card. You will see I got a bit messy and ended up with blue ink on my sand so I used the starfish to cover this and then added the gekkos. The life's a beach wording came from the cart and has been cut at 1 inch and outlined in gold pen.
The wording on the bottom of the card reads Bon Voyage again from the LIAb cartridge.
This is the front of the card and again the wording is from the font on LIAB and the whale and the beach chairs.
Below I describe how I have made the waves pop up.
I made the waves from the card pop up so I could put the dolphins in the waves. I used the system I describe here but made the boxes very small so they would be hidden behind the waves.
How to do the popup parts. I have made this box large so if you are unsure how it works you can see it but when you are using these to do popup cards make the box so the object you are popping up hides the box.
strip of paper to make box
Take a strip of paper and make a square. box
Adhere one side of the square to the base of the card directly in front of the fold of the card. box adhered to base of card
Adhere the back of the square to the top of the card so now when you open the card there is a square box in the fold of the card. box adhered to back of card
Adhere the object that you want to popup to the front of the square. Look at the pictures and you will see the card now can close and the object lies flat and pops up when the card is opened. place object on front of box stand back of card up object stands up object bends forward and down when card folds
The waves I made were quite small and the boxes behind are about 1/4 inch but they have worked well and the waves and dolphins pop up. I hope you have enjoyed looking at how I di this card as much as I enjoyed making it. Check out my blog to see other things I have done.


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Great card. Love the waves on it. I haven't tried to make anything pop up on my cards yet and appreciate your tutorial. TFS.

love2create said...

that is a super cute card with a ton of detail - just love the waves and dolphins popping out of the middle of the card!

flowerdisco said...


Pam said...

Super cute card
Love the waves and the dolphins

TraciVee said...

Cute card! Love those dolphins :)

Java Jen's Creations said...

This is such a cute card!! I love all the detail and colors!! Thanks for sharing with us!!

Michele said...

adorable card!

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.