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September 15, 2010

Some Q & A and facts about Imagine

Thought I would post about what I have gleaned about the Imagine so far.
Sources  -  jinger from HSN, Justin TV (where many questions were answered - link if you want to see on your own - http://www.justin.tv/toniasarah ) , Melanie and Joy from everyday cricut, Videos and info from people who saw at CHA like pinkstamper, Tammy sweetsassydiva and also from GirlFromOZ to name just a few.

Also go to http://cricut.com/imagine/Home.aspx to see some videos FAQ etc . This is the main product site so this is where you will go for update news etc just like with gypsy you go to cricut.com/gypsy

youtube's provocraft channel has some nice videos too. Here are 3 links which are must see
Tips and Tricks for first time users
part 1 - http://www.youtube.com/user/provocraft#p/u/3/hW3OXhAmZX4
part 2 -  http://www.youtube.com/user/provocraft#p/u/5/5526Izn_6jM
psrt 3 - http://www.youtube.com/user/provocraft#p/u/4/RE7QxV1VPY8

I am watching the justin TV again so will keep adding and editing

1)  Q  Is there an white outline around the cuts

A - There is a bleed so that the cuts are not outlined.
My personal opinion - as it is white cardstock we can and may need to ink the edged if layering as that will show and cannot be avoided

2) Q - Will it cut if ink runs out
A - Yes it will provided you leave the ink cartridge inside. Machine is designed for print & cut, print only and cut only

3) Q  -  How many full pages it will print

A -I think about 120 - 150 12 x 12 sheets before it runs out

4)  Q - Can we buy the ink cartridges in store and can we use any HP ink cartridge

A -  It will be available when the Imagine comes to stores and you have to only use the cartridge specified. You can see the cricut head on these and it will be available in the stores which carry Imagine next t the supply

5) Q- Can we use CDS with this

A - At first no one knew but in the show when Jinger was talking she said she received communication from PC that they will be working on it

6) Q - Can Gypsy be used with it

A - Yes it can but they are awaiting an update which can come tomorrow or next month or .. but soon

7) Q - Can we orient the angle of the paper found in the cartridges in cuts

A - No - not unless you use gypsy I think. (no answer  for this as yet)

8) Q - Can the color of pattern papers be changed

A - No. We can only change the solids by using the color wheel or dialing in the numbers for the RGB code. But we can make the pattern paper black and white and sepia I think

9) Q -  Will there be updates
A - Yes. there will be just like in gypsy

10) Q - Is the cartridge they send full
A- Yes

11) Q- Ink is it archival
A - 97-98% archival. So I guess it will last 100 years.

12. Q - Are they working on 12 x 24 mat
 A - Right now we do not have 12 x 24 but they are working on it . Right now we can print only upto 11.5 and they are also working on both getting 12 x 12 completely and also on 12 x 24.  They (3 designer's in Justin TV Matt Strong, Chris & Jeremy  - the software, quality and engineering/production guys ) said that 12 x 12 full printing edge to edge might be coming in the update in October

13. Q - Can we position the blade like in Expression
A - Not yet . Maybe with gypsy and with Imagine look for future update for carriage return etc.

14. Q - Are the inks acid free?

A - Black ink is acid free. Color is close to neutral. It is ph is 6.5. Close to neutral which is 7.0. HP says it will last for generations. (When you use pigments plus black it gives richer black)
Also Black is pigment based while color is dye based so not waterproof. Use other methods to make it permanent. So if you print on fabric maybe wash with vinegar etc to make it permament. Is it lightfast. Alsmost but do keep it like you do  scrapbook  then it wil last for generations

15. Q  Materials which can be used

A - Best result Photo paper. Best above 75 lbs -80 lbs paper. But they have tested it  of course on card stock & transperencies, sticker paper, Vinyl, glitter paper as long as it is ink jet compatible, print on thin laminate wood (as seen on HSN) , iron on transfer, thin chipboard. textured papers, thin fabric. They have also tested on embossed bazill I guess (these guys refered it as silicone- really - come on guys!!) where they could wipe it off that area and ink settles on rest.  They are trying tatoo papers. Anything that cricut E can cut except the thicker chipboard as the material goes in a curve and not straight
Btw they did not know you have 12 x 12 photo paper. Yes - we do guys check Red River papers

16. Q - Are ink cartridges refillable
A - Guess we can but not advisable for archival reasons and also that there has been lots of problems (in real life on other printers and not with Imagine when you refill )

17. Q - Is it compatible with Gypsy  & when is the update
A - Yes and update is soon and first updates in only intial things but then later more

18. Q - Can you input your own photo ie SD card and cut it?
A - They just answered that they do not know though they keep talking about it as they know it is a desired feature

19. How long will the ink last in the machine. If we do not open it
ha ha - This would be definitely someone like me. It is capped so it will last a long time inside the machine. So please store in a nice place and it will

20. can we use multiple cricut imagine cartridge in your design

Not at the moment out of the box but they are working on it in both Imagine and gypsy

21. How do you update Cricut Imagine

For gypsy new G sync tool which will update Imagine like gypsy. Imagine we can update connected to computer and also they are going to put it on cartridges which can update

22. Can you link Imagine cartridges on gypsy

You can . Also Imagine is larger so there are different ways you can store it on gypsy. Also we have to link the cartridges through Imagine and not the cartridge cable as it will not fit

23. Calibration

We have to initially calibrate and like gypsy whenever we have problem like when we use a new mat it is better to recalibrate and whenever the cut is off from the print.

24. New gypsy with bigger screen?
Do no know

25. Can we use jukebox with Imagine

You can but right now not on the same design at once. Also only old cartridges can go in jukebox. Imagine cartridges are shaped different so just like G cartridge cable can't go in so the same with jukebox.

26. Can we mix and match using Gypsy on Imagine

After they update and after some time - Yes

27. Cricut Imagine Mat
It has marks which helps the Imagine cut where it has printed. You can use these on cricut E. Adhesive is better. It does not smell bad and is less tacky

28. Will it behave like a standard printer when connected to computer

Not right now . They may look into it in future

29. Vinyl printing

Use inkjet compatible vinyl

30. Can you plug in Imagine and original together
yes but it will load one and then the other

31. Do you need to plug in Imagine to cut from original
No. You can just print without any cartridge if you want just the solids

32. can you use welding
No. Only with gypsy. And that too not in the first update as first gypsy update will be only basic features

33. Can you flip an image
Yes but not rotate. Look for rotate in future

34. Can Imagine cartridge fit in cicut

35. Do you have a real dial size
Yes.  But no paper saver. Only return last at present

36. Can we use cricut pens
Yes but on cutting side not on printing side

37. Can we save the project
With Gypsy in future

Now for some interesting facts I learned - mostly from Everyday Cricut. Enjoyed the ustream. It was a party!!

1. I believe that the pattern paper gets resized with smaller cuts so you can print 6 x 6 paper and just like the company resizes it smaller the Imagine resizes it for us. That I thought was cool. I have to see this when I get my Imagine.

2. We can match the RGB codes to paper companies. Stampin up has it but for Bazzill right now there is an iphone app for about 10 dollars. link - http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bazzill/id366816858?mt=8
I wish someone would tell me if it can be opened with itunes in our computer?

Also for disney colors Melanie has got a post which gives us the color - link - http://courtney-lane.blogspot.com/2010/09/disney-cartridges-and-your-imagine.html

edited : this post for sure is going to get long
 The MB links for the posts which I started
- if you are a circle member http://community.provocraft.com/Cricut-Circle_postsm169721_Some-Imagine-questions-answers-and-other-stuff.aspx#post169721

and for cricut MB - http://www.cricut.com/messageboard/tm.aspx?m=7061275

Please do comment if you have more facts and I will add it. Also what I learn from the MB.  Like the Gypsy I thought I would maintain a log  for this too. Why didn't I do it for cake. Well I do not know that much about fndant etc etc to comment . Shhh - it has been  3 months since I used that thing. After that trip to India it has been sitting. But guess I better break it out for Halloween ?


2 Ducky said...

Thank you for the update. I wasn't expecting to get an imagine, so I wasn't paying attention to all the ins and outs. But now that I am getting one, I had a lot of questions that this post answered. Thanks again!

cricaholic said...

Thanks for the info. Glad I didn't get the Imagine! TOO MANY UPDATES PENDING!!!
Just relized too if you linked your carts to your gypsy....they won't work in the Imagine!!!

Anonymous said...

Pam, thanks for the great keyword search video. I learned something new! I never knew you could enlarge the image from the list screen - thanks!
BugHappy! from cmb

Audrey Frelx said...

Wow, Pam, that's a lot of information!!! I think I'm glad I changed my mind about getting it right now -- until the "kinks" are worked out and all the updates I like to see are complete.

Thanks so much for keeping us so educated!!!

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.