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March 1, 2010

Deleting an image

You can delete an image from the mat alright by pressing the "X" but one of the questions  asked in the MB recently was 
"When I am planning a cut with a lot of layers, I put them all in the queue so that they are all the right corresponding size, when I go to the mat, there are too many images to fit on the mat, some of them seem to disappear off the side, never to be seen again. How do I solve this? "

So how do I delete the unseen images. Should I play hunt across the mat.
Here is one solution to deleting the images
They go off the mat mainly because they all were selected in the same line in the keypad overlay and some overflow but note that because they are in the same line in the overlay white top box - they are also automatically grouped. So go to the mat and see what images have gone out and note the last image completely on the mat. As long as all of them is blue in the mat (if not just tap on the image area and they will become blue - make sure that none turn purple though for then you will be working on just that one image instead of a group) - see which all go out . Now instead of hunting them down here go to keypad overlay and you will see all the images on the white box in a line obviously. Just backspace that image/images and they will be deleted. You can also go to a particular image on the same line and backspace i.e the image need not be in the end of the line - you can even go to the middle and hit backspace. Then when you go to the mat you will see the images have been deleted. 

So to answer the question on the top or rather how I would do it is
First set the cursor size ie height of what I want the main image to be say 5 inch paper doll means set the height of cursr to 5 and then select the paper doll and maybe just 2 or 3 accessories. Then goto the mat an check. if the 3rd one is out - then come back to the keypad overlay (making sure before that the images on the mat are blue - ie selected and in a group) and delete just that image which has gone out from the mat by backspacing it. Then go to the mat and tap where you want the next set to g ie the next line and comeback to the overlay and select some more. That way I need not change the mat size  or play cat and mouse a lot.


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