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December 26, 2009

More on handling the date error - Problems in G and CDS going international

While opening the cut files you may experience date format exception.
This is because the date format is not in month/date/year ie american format . I have already written a post and made a video in the previous version but to summarize -
To overcome this error
You have to download any hexadecimal editor by googling for it.
Then following the editors instructions change the date - the first two digit less than 12 and then save as filename.cut and open in CDS and convert to filename.gypsy and save.
Well that solves the problem for american users.
But for international users here is the painful part
which I hope PC when reading this fixes soon.
This did not solve the problem. So I asked one of MB members here to send some of her files and compared with mine.Her gypsy file would not open in CDS.
and here is what I found. When I opened her converted .gypsy files in hexadecimal editor (in the right frame on my editor) alongside mine all the dots on mine were comma in hers.
I had to find and replace all commas with dot and then save as filename.gypsy in hexedit and then I could open the gypsy file in CDS. Seems to work then.
So to all international users - you may have to try this on a file and see if it works for you. Painful process I know. And just think of having to do this in every file? whew! 

Find an hexadecimal editor which can replace all in one shot for hexedit does not do that but will find(toolbar/navbar of the editor) the commas

or maybe there is an easy way for international users
I do not yet know if this would be a simpler solution . Maybe before saving the cut file in DS you could change the date in your computer (ie in the blue start taskbar if in windows) to any of the american time zone .Then save the cut file and then converting to .gypsy file and uploading.
If that does not work you have to follow what I've written before in the previous paragraph and manually change all the commas to dots in the .gypsy file in your hexadecimal editor and save the file as filename.gypsy in the editor.


Bambi said...

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you teaching me all about using my Gypsy! I read all that you post over on the Gypsy MB, you are one very smart lady. I enjoy your sense of humor and your never ending, vast knowledge of computers and our gypsy. You are so much appreciated.

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.