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April 15, 2010

Trudge through the deserts

to see one of the seven wonders - "The great Pyramids" or if you have kids like me you might have to save it for a later date and just make do with a gift box like this

This is a fun box to make and so versatile. I chose to make mine as a gift box for "the people from mars" - oops !  for Men. Well... if you believe that Men are from mars then.... :) .. This one holds a perfume inside for my special martian.
This box is from Tags, bags, Boxes and more Page 125 and button 44 on your keypad layout numbering starting from 1 proceeding left to right

Here are a couple more views

The box opens by lifting at the top

I have added support so that the perfume bottle does not fall or rattle inside.

So close it up and tie a pretty ribbon - maybe more of that  gold one and the box is ready to give to that special guy in your life. Yep hubby gets this for our wedding anniversary which is this month.
I have used a 12 x 24 mat and a poster board for cutting the base. Metallic shimmer from DCWV is the one used for gold. And the other paper - for the top half... Hold on ... Sandpaper. Oh yes!!!.
I of course did not want to put the sandpaper in my cricut for cutting so I just figured the basic triangle in the Gypsy file, cut the template using cricut and then used that template to figure out how big I wanted the Gold and the sandpaper - made sure they will overlap some and cut 3 sets of pieces (each) for the 3 sides. For the 4th side at the bottom I have used the same brown cardstock as I have used for the decoration (which are images from Destination and My  World). And then glittered an stickled away.
So off to the gypsy to see how to figure out the triangle and also to take a brief look at some aspects. No file sharing this time as it is pretty basic and easy to do

Just add any triangle from any cartridge like George or Plantin or GW. Unlink the golden chain ie the aspect chain as we have to manipulate the width separate from the height. and try to match up the scores as in this image

After this increase the size, as you do not want the triangles to fall short. You can always trim the excess away. Cut and check and fine tune the size. When we use the round  pink circles to increase (or decrease) note that even with the link off it will increase proportionately . So you can leave the link on or off -  it does not matter. After you do this you can copy/paste the triangle to a new page and delete it from this spot.

Note - This is just to show you how to do it and the actual dimension in my box varies as I used a 12 x 12 for this example and my box was cut on 12 x 24 after making sure the height of the triangle will accommodate a perfume box with room to spare.

This is a peek into the file. I added images after searching through the cartridges for Egypt. The height is based on the width of the golden paper ie the lower part of the triangle. I tried not to split the triangle into exact halves for aesthetic reasons but also had to have it at a certain height for the images to cut without tearing

For the perfume holder I just traced the perfume bottle's base onto a paper to figure out the dimensions. Mine was oval in shape and I measured out with a ruler and then added an oval shape onto the Gypsy - mat adjusting the height and width accordingly. Well that was the starting point . To figure out the rest I  took it to the drawing board and  This is what I came up with . The inside oval (which the perfume bottle fits snugly into) is surrounded by a octogon shape so that scoring the sides is easy (on score pal etc) and it can be  folded down. If you choose a circle then you have to hunt for a plate or a cup or a compass or divider to score the circle. Nooo. So I chose an octagon. You can also choose a hexagon - any shape which is similar to a circle which just has sides - ha ha
Then I welded squares to the sides to form the sides . I also added tabs & welded to squares so that it can be attached to the inside base of the triangle when glue is applied. I did not add score marks as the scoring area is quite easy to figure out. Score marks are a pain and I try to do without whenever I can get away with it.

Now as for the assembly of the box itself,  here are some pictures. Note I chose to have the box open at the bottom so I assigned the bottom as the side which has 2 tabs and I did not glue it..  Also after scoring the glue needs to be applied on the outer side. You can glue the bottom side after assembling but I am not gluing it on and instead will use  the golden ribbon  to tie a bow after firmly attaching it to the base. You can figure out different methods for closure - maybe brads and elastic cord around..


So after doing this and cutting out triangle templates - I made 1 template.   I cut the images with brown cardstock first so that I can make sure f the height for the golden paper and then cut one triangle template splitting it. Using this I cut 3 pieces of sandpaper slightly with more height so that they can overlap and then 3 of the golden pieces also a tad taller.  I cut one full triangle with cricut for the base using brown cardstock. So that the seams are not unsightly I glued a golden colored ribbon using fabric glue. then scored the perfume holder and stuck it inside the bottom after opening I stickled the images and  glued it on after it dried.
But this box is so versatile that it can be used for almost any season
Once you get the base triangle just assemble the box and then add fun things to the triangle. I have just used some scalloped circles and plain circles and some petal like shapes played with it used markers etc and made 3 version of the box. I just made 3 triangles to show you what you can do and added the triangles to one of the sides of the box. This was done very quickly to give you a rough sketch but you can of course spend more time on it and work on it more . One thing I found out is if you take a beige colored paper and then use wet markers like sharpie, copic or momento ink the wetness in the marker will distress the paper and some paper bits peels off giving the paper a very nice flocked texture.!!! The red Santa triangle looks so much like flock up close without having me go to the trouble of flocking it.
Here is the bunny box and yes it is stuck to the triangle ( ;) I placed repositionable adhesive - zig two way to temporarily place it on the triangle box so that I can switch mine for the photo)


and lastly the Witch. You can also make the triangle into just a hat without the witch's face or maybe add a broom etc

Hope you enjoyed this project. I so enjoy reading what you all think of it and treasure each and every one of your comments.  Thanks for reading this post.
Pam aka thebugbytes


Ohhh Snap said...

I was thinking, you go grrrrrrl, but you already went lol. I love the triangle box, but it never occurred to me to re-enforce the bottom or make a perfume holder. I also totally forgot there were Egyptian icons. When I first saw it I thought you got some awesome diecuts at the store lol. TFS : )

Bobbi said...

Great box. Love the perfume holder idea. TFS

TR said...

OH! The possibilities!
And you're such a good instructor!

Hug you, TR

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

I love the PYRAMID BOX I think it is amazing and to used sandpaper..... so creative! I love this whole design Pam and the gold paper with the Egyptians. AWESOME PROJECT!

Magoo said...

Oh I just love how you think!!!

Totally unique and very beautiful! Sandpaper!! what a terrific idea lOL!!!!

That's a tough box to do something with and you did a FANTASTIC JOB!!

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.