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April 24, 2010

Anniversary & so Cake 2

Hello! Did you all enjoy Joy's card. It was sew sweet wasn't it? Such a sweeties these all are. They sent traffic this way and would you believe that my number of followers have gone up this week. I better start behaving from now on.. :). Naaa...the zebra can't get rid of it's stripes.. .
So are you enjoying Plantin and playing along? We have Sassy on Monday . If any of you have done any projects using Plantin please send me the url link or email me the post and I will put that in.
My day went on quite well. Today is our wedding anniversary and not one piece of the cake I baked survived. Kids ate almost everything in the 2 days. We had just one tiny piece each. So of course I had to try more right? ... :). But no way was I going to buy the frosting - way to expensive so for the first time in my life tried making buttercream frosting. It came slightly yellow but it turned out quite good. I even colored some filling and put it in a cone. Last time I used the ready made tube . Wow I like this. Now if only I can get the icing white in color, I like home made. This way I could make crumb coating and then another. I also colored the fondant  (would you believe until 2 weeks back I did not even know what this word meant? - ha ha). Now I know names like tylose, fondant , gum paste,  etc etc.
Hubby wanted blue - So my cake is pink and blue - boy and girl - pink and blue. Lovely..
So here are my pics. Note the icing is much better today and I even combed it - ha ha

Given sufficient time - I could have done even better but hubby was in a hurry to go out as he was hungry. So a quick piping

This time I was more sane with pearls and my flowers are also better - yeah !! home made icing in my own cone (whatever that plastic thingy is called). Close up

And now for the cricut cut from Gypsy wanderings. Note that this time I tried going a little bit intricate cut. I should have allowed it to set a little before cutting but as I said I was in a rush. Ok couple of things I must mention as i am cutting with the Gypsy - I update the firmware - 1 part update was all it required.
Then this blade is strange and does not have changeable blade depth at all - just one setting.. Also This blade does not go in the expression as it is wide but expression's does fit in here.
Speed low as always with the G - and surprisingly as mentioned before - speed is much better with Cake than with E. Pressure medium and it cut fine.

I have saved all pieced and reused the bits too

So that's my cake 2 experience. I have lots of frosting left which will go on cupcakes.No more cakes.
Kids love me - hubby hates me (expense wise and effect of sugar wise).. So I better keep it low fr a while and bake cookies yet. So am I keeping the cricut cake?   Oh Yes!!! I am. Go and check out the cricut cake MB and see what all can be done. Time to link the cartridges and register.... Oh I did do a short video which I will see after loading and editing and maybe put it up..
Remember do send the Plantin projects in... and I have just 2 more spots for designer's left . So if you  want to showcase your projects and your blog here is that opportunity.. No experience necessary. You should have a Gypsy though and should be a follower and a MB member..


Dakota Bear said...

Happy Anniversary! Very nicely done!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Happy Anniversary and a very beautiful cake to celebrate!

SweetSassyDiva said...

happy anniversary!! i had known that you crossed over to the cake! lol DH keeps telling me to just buy it! lol


Chris said...

Great cake. Here is the buttercream I use and it turns out white.
1 c crisco
2 tsp flavoring
Mix in lg bowl
Add 2 lbs of powder sugar (they come in 1 or 2 lb container so you do not have to weigh)
Beat until light and fluffy. Store left overs in refrigerator in tightly closed containers.

My Creative Time said...

VERY NICE!! I love it!

Karen said...

Happy belated Anniversary. I think you did a wonderful job on your cakes. Buttercream icing always turns out a bit yellow because you are using...yummm...butter. Also regular vanilla will darken it. The recipe Chris gives using shortening which is quite white and therefore the icing turns out white. It does taste a bit different then regular buttercream though so you have to decide between a certain taste and a certain amount of "whiteness". Keep up the good work. I can imagine that your kids are loving this "experimentation". :)

flowerdisco said...

Pam, this cake looks really yummy and it looks really good too.

I hope you had a great day with the family.

big hug here for you.

and... i loved Joy's choice to share. love the paper.

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.