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October 29, 2010

Imagine with Gypsy - Changing pressure and speed

While connecting the gypsy at Imagine - here are couple things I found out.
You have to first go to settings and then choose cut only. Then open the gypsy file and press cut. Then the gypsy shows you connecting to Imagine. If it does not work (provided you are updated with firmware- remember 64 - bit and some 32 bit are still not able to do it and MAC users -no way!! Sheesh! Doctors  and Movie producers use MAC as it is reliable and not windows so when you want to save lives or serious entertainment it is ok? but for business and others - dump mac? That's world for you - Mind you this is coming from a windows user :) - I hate windows but apps are friendlier to windows so windows it will stay for some time in my home) .
Ok since I totally digressed -
If it does no work when you are properly updated and know your G connects then switch off Imagine and switch it back. Put the cartridges back in and try again. So it will show you mat and you cut.
But - there is no way to adjust the pressure and speed as there is  no dials on Imagine - Ha Ha and it cut alright for me but so so not all teh way through. Brilliant right? So one paper wasted in learning. I really have to buy atleast 600 sheets of papers before I finish experimenting with this thing!!!
Well any way here us how you do it. Before cutting with the gypsy or connecting - choose print and cut and just add some image and place on Imagine mat and change the pressure to max or 5 (best result with cardstock - speed to maybe 3 - 4. and then cancel out of it or better still clear the mat. Thankfully the pressure and speed stays. I also set my blade depth in the imagine to 6. Then after clearing go back to settings and change to cut only. (this is when my G said no connected - god knows why so I switched the Imagine off and back on again - maybe it does not want to make the leap from print and cut to G - who knows or maybe it just randomly happened to mine). And yes even after switching off an on it retained the pressure and speed - thank heavens!!
Long story short - It worked.
So make sure with G to set the pressure beforehand to max ie 5 and speed to 3 or 4 (does not matter as like in cake G is slower than what it does with the E). I also set my blade depth to 6.


217 Creations said...

I have good results so far with my Gypsy and my Imagine. AND yes Pam is right! Get with the times PC! Really- no MAC and can't handle the latest version of Windows?!?!?!

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.