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October 27, 2010

Not the reset button we would like but the 2 other reset buttons in Imagine

The Imagine does not have reset button like in Gypsy.
But it has 2 other reset buttons which in no way are for the electronic device screen gypsy like thingy
One is for your blade cartridge.When you first get it try pulling the blade to the left and allow it to go back.Do it once or twice and that will save you lots of paper. I have said this in the previous post . You can also press the reset to see if it is released. The blade cartridge presses against this each time it settles back. You might not need to press this but sometimes if something gets stuck or you hear an awful noise  then yes you do.
Here is a pic of where it is.

Now there is another reset button  - one which brings down the flap in the ink cartridge. It is automatically done when you power on and off your machine.Only when it is down can you remove the ink cartridge.Mine got stuck in last update and I could not remove the ink cartridges.. Now here is  the fun part. Remember how my last one the ink thingy got stuck. I was on phone with Darryn and he kept telling me about the reset button and for the life of me I could not figure out where. See thats why a picture is better than a 1000 words
I sent him this lol as he said about an inch metal thingy. This is not it. All you will do when you press the one below is maybe a broken Imagine. so do not press this but look at the next picture

Well I was looking down and inside when I should have looked up. I will blame my back for this. Sometimes I make life complicated for myself!!
The picture below is the correct one
is your ears hurting yet? or should I say eyes? oops.
the reset button again which gets automatically started and unless we have something stuck will have no need of is this (circled in white) behind the door - (in the door? depends on your perspective :) )

I always say knowledge is power , We may never have to use these things but better to know and what I know I am sharing


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